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Is the colour "green" for avarage WN8 too lenient?

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The whole colour scale has gradually become more pleb-friendly so the shitters don't get too butthurt. I still remember how "noob" and "bot" or something were changed to "basic" and "beginner" because MUH FEELZ. All the brackets from red to green are basically just another shade of useless, and especially in battles the distinction is totally pointless. XVM is what most people use WoT stats for, so if you want that to be a useful tool you have to make a custom config that covers all the different shades of useless under one label and colour: meatshields.

Just to play devil's advocate: didn't "unicum" used to mean "top 1%" at first?  And now it represents the top 0.1%?

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21 minutes ago, MakMak_02 said:

Its yellow

How do you put your stats under your name?

Link your WG account to your profile with account verification. It is under account settings. 

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