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Fuck Yahoo... its taken over

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At least it wasn't Bing.

Microsoft actually has the ability to take over the world.

Yahoo is just a stupid search engine.

I hate to burst your bubble, but Bing has powered Yahoo Search since 2009. Microsoft gets a 12% cut of revenue from ads displayed alongside Yahoo Search results. Yahoo doesn't do search anymore; they mostly just aggregate content these days.

Microsoft and Yahoo seal web deal

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The thing I'm writing is for something I experienced with bing (and V9) I think, thought it was on startup of the web browser (ignored all settings and started up at the site I didnt want).

As strange as it may seem check your IE options/properties (yes IE, though you may also check if you dont have it in chrome's exe), upon the location there was and additional property with the website in brackets ( c:/... "http//: ----" ) which avoided all the settings and is not considered a virus or anything, just a cancer in your browser.

The solution was obviously deleting the site adress

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If your browser keeps redirecting you to search.yahoo.com whenever you are searching for something (and you haven’t set Yahoo as your default search engine yourself), then you probably have a browser hijacker on your Mac. Browser hijackers often come in the form of browser extensions/add-ons, though sometimes they can be apps too. Hijackers set default search engine or homepage/start page of a browser to specific search engines, and stop users from changing those back. Sometimes instead of that they just intercept users’ search queries to Google, Bing and other popular search engines and display search results on the hijacker’s search engine. For more details, visit:

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