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Just your everyday baddie that is interested what's out there for him. I would like a clan that runs many tier 6 stronks, tournaments, and tier 10 strongholds attacks/defenses.

Currently have E5, 62A, 140, and 50B in garage with E100 to buy.

Sorry my thread isn't as fancy as that Fuzzy shitter :gaben:

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hey! whats up BOOM!!.. (i couldnt find a better way to call you)

lol come to check us out at Y0L0, we run a lot of tier 6s SH, tourneys, and all the things you would like.. 

and guess what?? there is a Lumberjack TS Tag waiting for you on our Teamspeak!!

come check us out "y0l0.typefrag.com"

good luck fellow lumberjack :P

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Isn't clan shopping frowned upon by like every clan on the server?

I probably said what I meant wrong. I'm going to be leaving soon and want to start talking to clans before so.

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