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graph of daily wn8 values?

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does this exist somewhere?  Curious to see if there are certain days that I do worse than usual on.  Also curious to see when a bad string of games will "fall off" the recent wn8.


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vbaddict actually has a so called timegrid (thats how it looks like http://imgur.com/yIfm1YN ). It basicly shows you "how much your performance of the last 30 days is differencing between hours and weekdays". However it only shows winrate, activity and accuracy, so if you want to know about wn8 or some other rating it wont really help you I guess. 
The page is still quite nice, because you can check your stats for every single day of the past week (might be interesting for you aswell) and also for every single tank individually (you can check how much dmg you need for MoE aswell). 
All in all I really like that page because you it offers allot of features, other pages like WoTLabs do not have. The only downside is that you have to log in and regularly upload your world of tanks dossier cache, or use the dossier uploader, in order to use all features. 

I hope that might help you out :) 

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