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Ollie Tabooger

Late Night NA West Platoons

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So yeah, as the title states, I'm looking for late-night platoons on NA West. The reason for this is that, more and more, this is becoming the only period of the day when I can really relax and play, but I'm rather tired of solo'ing or waiting for someone to come online and save me from the red sea (_Natsuki <3).

stats: signature.png

All I ask is that you be dark blue recent and dark green overall at the least. I mostly play Tiers 7-10, and like sniping mediums (I play other tanks a lot, but I'm currently in love with my Leo PTA. Expect behind-red-line chaisniping).

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if i get  around to playing thats when ile be on

i don't understand when i want a spoiler i can't get them to work now i don't think i even pressed anything and its in a spoiler

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Please add me. I dont think guys realize the level of pain on West at late nights..

Seriously I want a Garbad to do his solo 68% here :)

Im just back after a break and would love a partner.

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