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[MI6] Clan Recruitment

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Join Her Majesty’s Secret Service. [MI6]


Join one of South East Asia’s newest and freshest clans!




MI6 is a new and exciting clan, currently participating with success and excitement in Tier 6 and 8 Strongholds, as well as dipping our toes into Tier 6 Clan Wars with success!


We are looking for enthusiastic players, who are up for a laugh, interested in Strongholds and Clan Wars as well as Platooning and having fun.


We are based in Australia and are looking for players who speak English and can utilize TeamSpeak during Platoons, Strongholds and Clan Wars.


A positive attitude, love of the game and respectful in game persona are essential as we take to the field. Display these attributes, have a genuine desire to play well, get better and work as a team and you will be welcome at MI6.


As well as good players, if you would like to have a go at calling battles, “chipping” the map or recruiting – we have a spot for you! Plenty of vacancies for different officers’ positions, but if you just want to play – that’s cool. Our main aim is to encourage people’s enjoyment of the game, as we work together, have fun and win battles.


We are generally online (Melbourne/Sydney Time) by 7pm or 8pm each night – often playing into the early hours of the morning, as well as during the day sporadically on days off and weekends.


Requirements: As a bare minimum Tier 6 Tanks so you can participate in Strongholds but ideally Tier 8 and 10 tanks for Strongholds and Clan Wars. A recent Win Rate of over 50% is strongly desirable, however we will look at all applications, and if necessary discuss via TeamSpeak, which is essential.




Feel free to apply online, send one of us a message in game or drop into our TeamSpeak for a chat.


TeamSpeak address

Clan Page http://asia.wargaming.net/clans/2000005933/





Clan Commander.

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Good luck, I would be careful on recruitment though, alot of players at the lower levels can be shitlords and spout all sorts of nonsense so be careful about who you bring in and try to not become IOC SEA edition. 

Tally Ho!    

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Absolutely - thanks for the bump. Had forgotten about this thread - still have room for active players with TS, interested in CW SH Platoons and good times. 

We generally go for the map around 9-11pm AEDST - running Tier 8s tonight but often do 10's and occasionally 6's for CW. Stronghold Skirmishes whatever tier we can find an opponent in, generally 6's and 8's.

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MI6 Clan Page Here

You can view our terms of recruitment and apply via the above link, alternatively drop into our TS for a chat (address also in the link). Generally we require people to have at least got to tier 8 (not a premium tank) and have clan wars viable tanks at that level.

We play Tier 8 and 10 Clan Wars mainly, as well as strongholds at tier 6 (or 8 and 10 when it's available), platoons and lots of laughs.

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