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Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler

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Yep that is Carnifax. Shitter goes around trying to troll wot streams at night. I was watching oosa's stream one night and saw carnifax and his little cruiser friend 2 times. Usually it is just himself in some big tank with lots of hp so he can't be tked easily and pushes or blocks allies.

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I am sorry for your loss!

They capped I am guessing?


No, it was assault. Their remaining tanks dug into a corner. With 5 more minutes I might have been able to dig them out but the 10min game is limiting

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Yeah, whariwharangi has been on an anti-map ping crusade for a long time. I've seen him in game a couple of times, and each time I ping the map like crazy.

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Everyone. Including me. Except the SU. Most never even left the base. On Sand RIver Assault and we had to attack.


I have more of those today, this is just an example :)

As I always say: This game is infested with people who think it's funny to lose on purpose.

If I were ever to subscribe to a game-related tinfoil hat theory, I would believe that WG's competitors actually employ like a hundred people to play at prime time just to play like morons in a conscious attempt to piss off teammates.

Yeah, whariwharangi has been on an anti-map ping crusade for a long time. I've seen him in game a couple of times, and each time I ping the map like crazy.

He is fucking nuts.  He literally posts about nothing else on the main forums.

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Shaming our LTs, landing on Firey Salient and managing to get sub 600 spotting damage between all three especially when asked to spot the 1 line (where I was at), is truly something special.

Instead, the T71 went hill, the AMX12 rushed over the center and died and the VK2801 shot 1 person in the center before going AFK the rest of the game.

GG guize, gg.

Also, praising their 131 for spotting the 1 line and racking up 5k spotting damage completely fucking over 5 of the 7 people who went there (not including myself or the 100M1). Shame your team sucked and couldn't kill him or myself in a hull down JT88.

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fuck everybody who played this game today, I don't think I've had this kind of window licking experience in a long time.


I just cant enjoy this game with these fucking retards, arty, BOTs, fucking mouth breathers who couldn't tactically fight out of a wet paper bag

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I have had some real derp moments today. So in this case I am shaming myself. Its also sad that I play my mediums and heavies and have crap games with less than 1500 damage and then play 2 light tank games
 and get 2000 plus on both games...


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Names of imbeciles:

Tamerboy [CA3RA]  - IS7
Bricmaster7 [GOON]  - T54E1
Otis63 [EMAG]  - Object 704

777LN  - 121 (this idiot was on the enemy team, you will soon learn why he's being shamed)


So the enemy 121 (777LN) decides to camp from the little hidey-hole on the south end of Pearl River, where artillery usually hides out. Stupid, right? Well it worked out for him so I'm sure he'll do this next time.

We tell our IS7 where the 121 is. Instead of turning around, he keeps driving away:



Keeps driving, because going ALL THE WAY AROUND the hill is the most intelligent thing to do, rather than helping his E50:



Comes back around to literally get his shit kicked in:



Further mindfuck when the T54E1 engages 121 with his side, auto-aiming ALL of his shots:



And that's the story of how a lone 121 kicked the shit out of brain damaged cretins that ignored our pleas to not be retarded:

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I would like to shame the Hull down WZ-111 on the brawler rock on Abbey 1-2 line.

It's one thing repeatedly allowing me to pen your cupola (while shooting uphill!) by standing still. And STILL electing to use HEAT, against me, because the Caernarvon's turret is soooo tough since patch 9.9.

But to QQ in chat about me using "auto-aim" to hit you shows that you are a no skill shitter who relies WAY to much on prem ammo to win, and skilled players are "cheaters".

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Name of filthy cretin: MacerKacer


So you think that just because someone is Blue, they're good, right? Wrong. Apparently this moron's account was bought by him. This Maus literally sat in that position for over 2 minutes, allowing the Object 140 to shoot him through the face with HEAT.



Yes, didn't bother to move the entire time. DIDN'T. MOVE. AN. INCH. The Object 140 earned 5,000+ damage, most of it off of this idiotic moron:




When asked, "Why Maus? Why sit there and give yourself up faster than a $5.00 whore?" The reply was atrocious:




Anyone with a partially functioning brain could have looked at the team composition at that point and determined that any cap attempt by our heavies would immediately be reset by their 4 remaining mediums... AND IT WAS. This filth has brought great shame to the color blue.

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Shaming platoon 1. They did nothing but base camp whole game. When one FV(was full HP) did get the chance to carry, he and M53/M55 were left alone vs. 30B, RHM, and GWT(30b was around 1k HP). He lost, despite all tanks being in his one-shot range.

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The day Baxster ate the whole wheel of cheese I wasn't even mad, I was just impressed. Now Baxster, having resolved all conflict in the middle east and put a stop to violence towards gingers, has turned his considerable skills towards a total pacification of our tanking community. Baxster's WOT name is ThatSQLGuy, he is the light in the dark, the way towards peace through passive resistance. 

I was lucky enough to first encounter Baxster, aka ThatSQLGuyin this game:


Note how he not only refused to harm another player, but how he also encouraged others to do the same. If it was not for my natural proclivity towards bastardry I too may have succumb to his message of peaceful resistance. May we all be more like ThatSQLGuy, and join our tank hulls in a daisy chain of love, since that is the only way to stop the fighting and ensure that our most precious circles may be safe from intrusion.    

As a tribute to his accomplishments which are many and profound, I present to you his non-battle record. May it be a guide to us all.


Note is Ace in arty, truly a class fit only for the gods.

Thank you ThatSQLGuy, may your circle stay safe and surrounded my many men.



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the really amusing thing, is I didn't say a thing to the Mod 1 the entire game, neither did he say anything to me. the T34 was bitching at his team being a bunch of noobs the entire game, and started trash talking me when I pointed out it was the flank he was on that fell, while the flank that I was on, where all the tier 7s on our team were fighting against tier 8s, won. 


neither of them responded to me after that though. I was sad

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Got an is-6 in my team insulting everyone, and being a racist fuck, he ended up doing no damage and contacting me after the battle:



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This and his butthurt after receiving 700+ hit from KV-2. I blocked PM from pubbies so he used platoon invitation. 


You have to give him points for creativity... he must have been seriously butthurt.

That said I did lots of raging tonight myself spent most of the night playing arty to complete smelly arty missions so naturally I was raging like a boss by the end of the night as the RNG gods had frowned upon my M40 for most of it, the only highlight was missing a t54 I was aiming for by a mile and hitting a SP1C that hadn't been spotted and apparently was moving full speed downhill.

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