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Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler

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Damn those guys (xcept for the pz IV and the church) : my VK 28 win rate is back again to sub-tazilon levels.  :QQ:

Would have been LT-8-3 as well (decaped *exactly* 40 points off the Black Prince)


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So Gimli_The_Romanticist here gets mad because of bullshit rng and decides to message me after the battle. (Message is pretty tame but I think when it happened a few "fuck off" and "fucking rng"'s were exchanged in chat)


Notice how he waited 5 hours to message me again, which indicates to me that his precious little ego was damaged.


I really don't care if someone rerolls or not, but if you act like some amazing tanking god with your not that impressive 3100 reroll, then I am going to call you out on your bullshit.

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slYcEps.jpg Dads OP Plox nerf


5I6cjsB.jpg Sick Joke

cmfMne4.jpg Coming from an EX RUS player...

4DD4dJM.jpg Shifty agreeing??? :wut:


OgvnU6D.jpg WHOA!!! Shifty putting some work!!!

85a2TRQ.jpg Shifty is <3 

pVuKZcq.jpg Shifty should stream tho.

FPq54Ov.jpg Time to instigate!

OighVx0.jpg:wao: HEAT In the BUTT!!! YES!!!! :wao:

bkE8z7z.jpg kek

GkzOz5L.jpg You are NOT the real POMPOUS!!! (Super Scared of a clan consisting mostly of rerolls...)

luxhVHG.jpg Shifty is still having fun! :^)



lNEYkFd.png Thanks for the Ace Tanker!!

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First of all, I like to shame myself for my shitty attitude on this match. I said holy red and tells to the team not to yolo. Second of all I would like to shame this E25 player for telling me that he played better than me and I POINTED OUT MY FLAWS IN THE END. But this guy wont stop talking



He tells me Im a jackass (which I am) and that I should admit that he plays better than me in that match and stop worrying about stats since stats are nothing.



Cant upload a replay since I played another match after this one.

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10 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

who the fuck is this ENVUS clan anyway?

They have some cool guys, but they're just a new random clan outta nowhere.  Who think they're hot shit because they're number 5 on the wotlabs clan listing? (Valid Metric right?)

This guy just got super salty for some reason.........and was talking shit without any backing it up XD  Pretty fucking hilarious/10.  Can't even 4k reroll, and a blue superiority complex shitter from havok who can't take a hint that he's bad at the game.

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1 hour ago, Shifty_101st said:

They have some cool guys, but they're just a new random clan outta nowhere.  Who think they're hot shit because they're number 5 on the wotlabs clan listing? (Valid Metric right?)

This guy just got super salty for some reason.........and was talking shit without any backing it up XD  Pretty fucking hilarious/10.  Can't even 4k reroll, and a blue superiority complex shitter from havok who can't take a hint that he's bad at the game.

I smell PURPL 2.0 here. good stats =/= good team

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Had this weird convo with a guy who wanted my officer spot in FURHQ. Told him its not worth it and shit and he started going on about his old clan 3AR. I tried being nice, if blunt. Turned into salt farm.


[2015-10-29 11:12:59 PM] ALS2018: as much as i wear these titles, they are an embarrassment to my history

[2015-10-29 11:13:16 PM] Curo Wolftek: go somewhere that can either help you improve to the next level or is more in tune with your desire to play competitively
[2015-10-29 11:13:23 PM] Curo Wolftek: also whats your ingame again?

[2015-10-29 11:13:28 PM] ALS2018: als2018
[2015-10-29 11:13:55 PM] ALS2018: i am a teir 10 clan wars player.... looking for professional clans and leagues in which is hard to find anymore

[2015-10-29 11:14:12 PM] Curo Wolftek: its not you just gotta know where to look
[2015-10-29 11:14:14 PM] Curo Wolftek: and
[2015-10-29 11:14:19 PM] Curo Wolftek: have the stats for those teams

[2015-10-29 11:14:37 PM] ALS2018: which pisses my off because sureeee everyone ignore the only one in the clan who has teir 10 clan war experience and knows the history and weaknesses behind the be time clans.....
[2015-10-29 11:14:39 PM] ALS2018: but noooo.
[2015-10-29 11:14:42 PM] ALS2018: fuck me.....

[2015-10-29 11:15:09 PM] Curo Wolftek: well no offense

[2015-10-29 11:15:13 PM] ALS2018: it seemed that every time you tried to call, i could not get a single word out....

[2015-10-29 11:16:33 PM] Curo Wolftek: but your overall stats ability is less than impressive, not holding this against you, but for all the denying they do they try to brag about what numbers they do have. Plus says you haven't been in many battles with 3AR and they are a shadow of their former selves if they where ever good.

[2015-10-29 11:17:05 PM] ALS2018: 1st off i have 15k battles and my first 7k battle where suicide scouting

[2015-10-29 11:17:07 PM] Curo Wolftek: your Recent WN8 is good.
[2015-10-29 11:17:12 PM] Curo Wolftek: but your recent WR

[2015-10-29 11:17:17 PM] ALS2018: its shit
[2015-10-29 11:17:18 PM] Curo Wolftek: needs polishing.

[2015-10-29 11:17:23 PM] ALS2018: ive been trolling all week

[2015-10-29 11:17:43 PM] Curo Wolftek: 1100? its good enough to get into a training clan that is atleast trying to run competitively
[2015-10-29 11:17:59 PM] ALS2018: i usually have a really high wn8

[2015-10-29 11:18:01 PM] Curo Wolftek: but seeing how old your account is

[2015-10-29 11:18:15 PM] ALS2018: and my average win rate is usually 50-60%

[2015-10-29 11:18:15 PM] Curo Wolftek: ill ask have you taken a long break?

[2015-10-29 11:18:20 PM] ALS2018: yeah
[2015-10-29 11:18:34 PM] ALS2018: 2 years roughly

[2015-10-29 11:18:42 PM] Curo Wolftek: theres 1 issue, games changed.

[2015-10-29 11:18:45 PM] ALS2018: ive just gotten back into the game

[2015-10-29 11:18:49 PM] Curo Wolftek: 2. your 30 day is solid.
[2015-10-29 11:18:57 PM] Curo Wolftek: kinda lower wn8 but high high wr
[2015-10-29 11:19:05 PM] Curo Wolftek: WR is always good

[2015-10-29 11:19:17 PM] ALS2018: yeah i keep my stats down
[2015-10-29 11:19:24 PM] ALS2018: i get into platoons and fuck around alot

[2015-10-29 11:19:30 PM] Curo Wolftek: don't in pubs.
[2015-10-29 11:19:38 PM] Curo Wolftek: Straight up

[2015-10-29 11:19:42 PM] ALS2018: but when I'm going up for big name clans I'm states buffing
[2015-10-29 11:19:56 PM] ALS2018: they look at my recent, i get in and trash my stats again

[2015-10-29 11:19:59 PM] Curo Wolftek: do that in training rooms

[2015-10-29 11:20:04 PM] ALS2018: same tactic used by 3AR

[2015-10-29 11:20:09 PM] Curo Wolftek: fuck around in training rooms
[2015-10-29 11:20:12 PM] Curo Wolftek: not in pubs
[2015-10-29 11:20:22 PM] Curo Wolftek: your not just screwing yourself but your team too
[2015-10-29 11:20:34 PM] Curo Wolftek: I'm not trying to be mean with that.
[2015-10-29 11:20:51 PM] Curo Wolftek: The famous Youtuber Mighty Jingles is the one who preaches that

[2015-10-29 11:20:54 PM] ALS2018: i come from an era where trashing stats is an actual tactic, decreaseing you wn8 and wr increases the chances that the enemy team becomes cocky

[2015-10-29 11:21:07 PM] Curo Wolftek: 0/10 horrible idea.
[2015-10-29 11:21:09 PM] Curo Wolftek: 1.
[2015-10-29 11:21:19 PM] Curo Wolftek: you have so many battles your overall will be shit
[2015-10-29 11:21:31 PM] Curo Wolftek: this allows you to hide behind it
[2015-10-29 11:21:42 PM] Curo Wolftek: XVM camo means you could have blue recents
[2015-10-29 11:21:45 PM] Curo Wolftek: but look orange
[2015-10-29 11:21:53 PM] Curo Wolftek: that's how you fuck people
[2015-10-29 11:21:55 PM] Curo Wolftek: also
[2015-10-29 11:22:04 PM] Curo Wolftek: id be more intune with seeing how you play
[2015-10-29 11:22:13 PM] Curo Wolftek: when play comptitively

[2015-10-29 11:22:13 PM] ALS2018: yes, and its how we managed to get under havoc and forge back when the where in power and blow them off the map, then had a split war between 4 huge clans.
[2015-10-29 11:22:20 PM] ALS2018: havok*
[2015-10-29 11:22:24 PM] ALS2018: they*
[2015-10-29 11:22:36 PM] ALS2018: they had no idea
[2015-10-29 11:22:44 PM] ALS2018: they where pissed

[2015-10-29 11:23:30 PM] Curo Wolftek: id have to talk to some long timers to confirm that

[2015-10-29 11:23:41 PM] ALS2018: had forge, otter, havok, Gurrilazes coming after us... Luigi and some smaller clans. Lasted against endless assaults for about 3 months.

[2015-10-29 11:23:53 PM] Curo Wolftek: no offense i just hear allot of internets BS and without facts to back it up

[2015-10-29 11:24:11 PM] ALS2018: if you can find the original members go ahead.

2015-10-29 11:24:15 PM] Curo Wolftek: Basically your CW stats show 44 percent WR
[2015-10-29 11:24:25 PM] Curo Wolftek: so i grain of salt anything on that level
[2015-10-29 11:24:30 PM] Curo Wolftek: its not personal
[2015-10-29 11:24:31 PM] Curo Wolftek: just

[2015-10-29 11:24:38 PM] ALS2018: again we focus on destroying stats.

[2015-10-29 11:24:40 PM] Curo Wolftek: You have the right attitude.
[2015-10-29 11:24:49 PM] Curo Wolftek: but not the right idea.

[2015-10-29 11:25:00 PM] ALS2018: we where number 6 in the world.....
[2015-10-29 11:25:06 PM] ALS2018: our name was on the top 10
[2015-10-29 11:25:15 PM] ALS2018: and we owned the entire article circle.....
[2015-10-29 11:25:20 PM] ALS2018: artic*
[2015-10-29 11:25:51 PM] ALS2018: i really do not appreciate those who would ever look at our honor for any less.

[2015-10-29 11:26:32 PM] Curo Wolftek: mate there a clan of shitters, destroying your own stats is the dumbest tactic ive ever heard.
[2015-10-29 11:26:39 PM] Curo Wolftek: atm
[2015-10-29 11:26:46 PM] Curo Wolftek: idk what they where 2 years ago
[2015-10-29 11:26:52 PM] Curo Wolftek: but what ever 2 years ago was
[2015-10-29 11:26:56 PM] Curo Wolftek: its not the now.

[2015-10-29 11:27:02 PM] ALS2018: the commanders wn8 was an average of 3000.... yet his overall was set to 400
[2015-10-29 11:27:14 PM] Curo Wolftek: wn8 wasn't even out in 2013 btw

[2015-10-29 11:27:38 PM] ALS2018: wn8, roughly 2300 efficiency

[2015-10-29 11:27:44 PM] Curo Wolftek: and that would be his avg your overall is your avg, your thinking of recent

[2015-10-29 11:27:53 PM] ALS2018: i saw his wn8 last in the beginning of 2014
[2015-10-29 11:28:25 PM] ALS2018: why do you put down my clan?
[2015-10-29 11:28:57 PM] ALS2018: ive fought more battles with these big name clans that anyone in this fucking furry comunity
[2015-10-29 11:29:03 PM] ALS2018: community*]
[2015-10-29 11:29:52 PM] ALS2018: born and raised by the ashes of formal RDM built to be BOW, the clan that whipped No Dumb Pups NDP from the charts after they took near total map control in 2009
[2015-10-29 11:30:36 PM] ALS2018: 3AR and in 2012, 3AR owned BOW as a working clan....
[2015-10-29 11:30:53 PM] ALS2018: droped them because they dragged us back from our objectives
[2015-10-29 11:32:23 PM] ALS2018: i have a lot of fucking history and i will not allow anyone to step on any part of it. Not after I have worked through countless hours to get to where i am on wot........
[2015-10-29 11:33:46 PM] ALS2018: ive been publicly destroyed by my formal commanders in front of the enemy and our clan, I have been called pathetic, usless. and a coward, I have went through endless hours of clan training to learn how to fight teir 10s in my m103 at a teir 10 level.
[2015-10-29 11:34:52 PM] ALS2018: i make an average of a 85% hit ratio on most of my tanks ive played in the past 3 years, trying making sure to hit every shot. I am not proud of what I can do in many games but wot, is something i have honor for
[2015-10-29 11:37:31 PM] ALS2018: yall have no idea what its like to see you entire community go up into flames over a civil war, for your own commander to die of cancer, and to carry is honor. Specially when his death was forgotten and thrown under the dirt to our own breathern. Yall have no idea what true discipline even begins to looks like.
[2015-10-29 11:39:58 PM] ALS2018: stats brings down the pathetic, only the best of the best understands what a real tactical mind twisting system even begins to look like when it comes to competitiveness
[12:20:10 AM] ALS2018: if it makes any difference i will reconstruct an entire new account and join OTTER
[12:21:23 AM] ALS2018: FUCK


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So, some player named Craizeh in a VK 36.01H from a clan called TIER6 started off the battle today by shooting our team mates.  He was camping with arty behind our TDs shooting team mates in the back.  He shot me two times then denied shooting me in chat. Other team mates mentioned that he was shooting at them.  Due to his team damage, and my inability to shoot the enemy because I was dodging his fire, our flank wasn't doing well, so I fell back.  Some of our team mates started bitching at him for shooting me because I was the only top tier heavy on our team.  Then he shot me 3 more times before my tank was destroyed and his 1 hour ban started.  He did about 800 damage in total to my WZ-111.  Basically 50% of my HP.  The enemy team did the other 50% while I was trying to dodge my team mate's incoming fire.

After his 1 hour ban was over he messaged me in game and told he he was going to report me.. LOL

To top it off, my compensation for his damage to me was under 4,000 credits?  I understand the W-111 is a premium with low repair costs, but under 4,000 credits for his team damage to me?

After he told me he as going to report me, I went to his clan web page and looked up his clan info.


I was hoping the leadership was going to be a semi respectable group of guys based on the web page.  Apparently the clan commander is a marine.  I have some friends who are marines and I was hoping that they would at least say "well talk to him about his behavior in game because it makes us all look bad."  So I sent a forum PM to some of the clan leadership explaining what happened and offered to send screenshots.  I received a message in game from one of the executive officers in the clan basically saying I'm a cry baby and the clan commander and leadership will also enjoy shooting me when they see me in game.

At this point I'm going to make XVM icons for Craizeh and the TIER6 clan officers I've had a pleasant interaction with to remind me what useless scumbags they are.

I wonder why did it take so long for the team damage ban to kick in? He shot me 5 times and shot some other team mates.




UPDATE(10/31): Craizeh continued to PM me in game last night.  He was upset I contacted his clan leadership.  I offered to send him screenshots of every time he shot me and he called me a liar and said he didn't shoot me at all and just shot near me. I wonder if he has mental health issues.  He said he would team kill me every time he saw me.  I told him he would be getting a lot of 1 hour bans for that.


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3 hours ago, Manic_Wombat said:

I'd be lodging a support ticket with a replay. 

On the NA server, support doesn't give a flying fuck about in game team damage and team killing.  They tell you the automated system handles it.

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Shaming this fail platoon of griefing shitters.  They all have under 500 games, and only one of them above 75.  Saw them in two games today.  One I'm happy with the result:


...and the other not so much.  :feelsbad:


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1 hour ago, Kolni said:

this guy wasn't especially retarded or anything but after battle i saw his winrate and these DPG's and just wow


Luna would be proud Kappa :serb: 

Dat wr. Mine is like exactly double that O.o

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Shaming these geniuses because even the Stuart chose to yolo at the enemy T-150 instead of helping me cap. 1/2 the team rushed valley and the only reason we could win city at all was because the others did the same.

Oh, and the O-I is fucking bullshit. No skill needed.


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