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Stridsvagn 74

Good Game, but improve it (Early and late game sucked, with decent middle)

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Hi All,


This is my first time asking for a tape study. Its probably a pretty unspectacular game in my Centurion 1. 




The end and late game had me feeling very dissapointed, as I would have liked to get more out of it. How would you have squeezed more damage from this tier 10 game?

(and was the beginning my fault, if so, shame on me)


Strv 74


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Somehow I can't open any replays recently. Anyone knows why?

I think a micro patch fucked it all up, i can't either, i can only see my replays if i move them from the replays folder back out to World_Of_Tanks

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Guess it'd be nice if we actually studied your tape :P 


Hahaha, that start tho' way to try to throw the game in the first 20 seconds... yes it was definitely your fault, you drove into the RHM for a start, you then proceeded to drift into the Type 61 pushing him off the side then on top of that you turned left which would obviously push your back out into him tipping him into the water... then you ask the enemy to report him? wtf dude.

13:30- why didn't you shoot the 54 LWT just auto aim him and fire if you don't want to stop, although i would have stopped and taken a snap shot then carried on if i were you.

13:29- just stop and secure the kill.

13:12- very nice use of the hill for hulldown only exposing a tiny silhouette for the T28

12:48- Finish the T28... why do you not want to kill anything. you will rld before him and there is nothing else with a shot on you

11:00- the base is in the middle, dunno what base you're trying to defend, i'd just have kept pushing into the south west then taken the castle area, the north west side of the map is clearly lost so just leave it.

10:20- you have pretty meh shots from up here, i wouldn't have stayed there for very long 

08:38- aim in between the buildings he might cross/turn sideways try to shoot him then pull back (he did as it happens)

07:50- you need to track that E5 so he can't rape your JP, aim for his track, wait for him to turn then track him, he will have to turn if he want's to keep flanking your JP so anticipate this and take advantage

07:37- you're using autoaim, you can see that it is autoaiming for his well angled side so stop autoaiming and aim for his back, or drive forwards/backwards until the shot has a chance of penning

07:27- don't let him escape the JP is coming


 In terms of:

How would you have squeezed more damage from this tier 10 game?

If you can, keep pushing, get behind the enemy (y'know, crossfire n' all) there was no need to defend the base and if it did need defending and you were sniping from up there guess how many shots before the enemy thought... "maybe i should put a house between me and this Cent"...  probably 1 or even 0 because it's obvious.

Also when you're brawling with a similar dpm and hp enemy (the E5) make sure you use your full dpm and don't facehug him unless you were trying to block him (which it transpired you clearly weren't).

You played fairly well on the Eastern flank though. GG 



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