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EU - Looking for platoon mates - let's get fv4202!

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Hey guys, i've  been stalking this forum for a while now, first unregistered, then i registered not so long ago...


I would like to find people who are willing to play tier 8 with me (a lot of tier 8 ), why you might ask yourselves... well the answer is simple. I really want FV4202 before it's replaced by Centurion Action X. 


I'm currently at centurion mk1, just about unlocked engine + turret, need to research radio and tracks as well and then cent 7/1 so there's a lot of games to be played. My average xp in cent is around 760 (for now, might fluctuate) so i calculated that i need close to 800 games to unlock fv4202. 


Now, i'm not the best player there is, not even close, my stats are as follows, so looking for a bit of guidance if you can provide that too.


If anyone's interested hit me up in game, EU server!

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Do you use the ingame voice chat or would you be willing to? It makes coordinating so much easier.

Because in that case, we could team up sometimes, as long as you don't mind me playing a premium. :)



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right, i should've said something about it when i opened the thread.


voice chat is ofcourse an option, i have ts3 installed but i can get whatever and i'm not shy. 


i don't mind you playing premiums, but do remember if you pick preferential mm 8, that you might get into tier 10 battle with me in the centurion :)

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