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hi guys figured I'd say hello again

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Huh ask I'm shak3rs from na server. Excuse my text as I'm using my phone.


Anyways, I've been playing for a while now on both eu and na servers. I'm stuck in a rut and would like to know how what I need to do to improve.


Here is my dossier





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You have great wn8 overall for 3k games! Welcome....

Pick one aspect of your game to focus on at a time, and you will keep improving. Like maybe learn to identify and shoot weak spots better. Of angling and not getting damaged. Or maybe just surviving longer.

When I had 3k games I think one of my big problems was playing too many different tanks and using the same style of play for each. Pick your favourite type, like HT, and stick to that for a couple days. Then switch to MT for a couple of days, and force yourself to switch styles.

But most importantly, have fun!!

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