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So l actually  never done an introduction before. A player named banish showed me this website and would like to thank him. Was lurking till I made an account in march 2014 (I think). Here's few things about me.

•Born in SLC UT (GO UTES) now living in Georgia. 

•I'm 18 years old.

•I LOVE LINDSEY STIRLING!!! But I also listen to TSFH, Hans Zimmer, etc.

•My favorite food is pho.

I'm asian.

•I'm a "spontaneous" person. 

•I like skiing.

And why do girls like guys butt?


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With over 4,000 posts, I think your chance to make an introduction has long past.  Plus I thought we stopped doing this 6 months - a year ago.

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Oh, fuck, it's this shit again...

That's what I thought when I saw the thread, but it's actually the real hallo.

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