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Decent Player looking to get better (NA)

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Hey there everyone! Im new to the WotLabs forum. I hail from the NA server


Im an alright World Of Tanks player but im just not able to push my recent Wn8 over 2200

I admit I make dumb mistakes sometimes, and I dont know how to effectively play some tanks

I do really well in lightish tanks such as the T21 and Cromwell, I have 3 MoEs on both of them.

But im horribly bad at playing Tds, which is making my personal missions lag behind because I dont have any tier 7+ Tds

I really need some help with learning to play Tds, and improving my play in some medium and heavy tanks

I have a mic and can use every voice service available

Im open to constructive criticism and being told what Id do wrong...in fact, I appreciate it


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At least you're honest.... I'm on EU, but wish you the best of luck finding a mentor.

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