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Hello Ladies and Gentelmen,





I'd like to anounce that PIXEL community is recruiting new players. What's the pixel community?


PIXEL community


It's a spanish national community created by some expirienced ESL silver league players in order to achieve a stronk national clan that can compete in ESL tournaments and also in the global map. We focuse on competitive gameplay to improve both individual and cooperative gameplay with teammates. We play daily SH and CW as well as ESL when people have a tournament. Our community consist on (so far) 3 different clans. They have different requirements but we demand a few things in common for all of them, aswell as what we can offer.


What we can offer:

A competitive but yet fun enviroment in which improve (both your skills and your spanish).

A highly active community in CW as well as ESL.

Skilled players to play with.

Gold rewards for participation in both CW and SH. 75%of the total gold is distribuited fow CW players. 20% for SH and 5% remaing is for clan's expenses. 



What we ask for:

Activity: At least 10 CW battles in a month. Is a small number so shouldn't be a problem. If you are on vacation just tell one of the officers and will be fine.

Nice forum and in-game behavior, we don't want to be hated as a clan and want to have a nice image.

Must have TS3 and have a good level of spanish (crucial). 

Be at least 18+ or show mature behavior.




For any questions contact Sartox1 or znasserdna.

Also you are welcomed to out TS:



Now the specific requirements for each clan:





Clan stats: 1900+ overall and 2400+ recent. (http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/PIXEL)

Clan profile: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500065509/

Stronghold level: 10


PIXEL asks for: 1700+ overall WN8 or a recent of 2500+ recent.

Average of 9 provinces in tier 8.






Clan stats: 1400+ overall and 1500+ recent(http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/P1X3L)

Clan profile: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500065509/

Stronghold level: 8


P1X3L asks for: 1100+ overall WN8 or a recent of 1600+ recent.

Average of 3 provinces in tier 6 (although left map to help PIXEL against a very very severe bid spam).






Clan stats: 1000+ WN8 and 1100+ recent (http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/PIX3L)

Clan profile: http://eu.wargaming....lans/500060385/

Stronghold level: 7


PIX3L asks for: 1200+ recent WN8. No overall needed.

Currently being built up on SH games and ocasioanl landings at tier 6 map.


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8-Bit ones would fit more the clantag. But thats my oppinion.

Trust me, was horrible. I'll search for an image just for you :)



Btw, clan's recent WN8 updated from 2200+ to 2300+

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War with TESLA after they broke the NAP we had plus bids in our provinces from TESLA's friends aswell, combined with another war involving some random russian clans. Don't stahp the party I guess :playing::izmena::justwait: 

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Today's CW summary:


First and most important, I wasn¡t there (no goldz for me :( )

Second, they won all CW (lulz without me!?!? I'll go cry in a corner) :medal::medal::medal::medal:


That's it. Wasn't here so can't tell much other than 100% victories, and that as said yesterday, st3pa is out of the map (preparing for mass bids now, they will come)

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Today: 100% victories on CW. Finally the blue alliance surrendered. Some peace at last. Now time to switch some provinces around and farm some gold until the begining of the campaing, in which we will most likely be participating along with our friends from the clan FIRE :)


Also we played some retarded SH todays, being the setup 2 LT and 8 arts, 3LT/meds and 7 TDs, full 50 100 and 13 90, full t49.... jajajaj EPIC games! Worst thing is we lost the arti ones, at least until we went with 5LT and 5 arts.


Other than that, we still look for an international division of 30 (more or less players). Contact us for this :)


Recent WN8 updated from 2300+ to 2400+


Some fun battles:








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