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I rammed one of the small French arties on Westfield going down hill at full speed.  I actually bounced it off of the edge of the map before it exploded.  I felt like an elephant stepping on a mouse.

It was pretty awesome :) 

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Holy SHIT they over-nerfed this thing.

That's the WG way though; make a tank OP,  then when it's time to nerf it, overdo it and turn it into trash, I guess.  They nerfed the SHIT out of the mobility and it still has armor that's entirely worthless against anything not in its tier, and even most stuff in its tier...and yet because of 3/5/7 it usually doesn't see anything below its tier.

So in sum: OP tank against lower tier tanks + mobility nerf + meh armor + MM change keeping it from seeing anything below its tier = radically underpowered tank.

Crap armor, crap mobility, meh gun = trash.

Time to can it and move the crew to an O-I.

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