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Carrot WN8 Chi-Nu

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Well, I like this tank, but it's not about the tank, it's about me, what do you think I'm doing wrong, what should I try to improve upon? Those are my last 4 battles, that's most of the reason I'm posting these ones. Airfield one is the tomatoest one in those four.  (Somehow this got corrupted and shows 0 damage for every tank in the game, instead I'll post my 9.9 IS replay(don't know if it'll run tho)) 

I hope you show me what I'm doing wrong and help me improve :) I can also get footage from my higher tier tanks if you think t5 isn't helpful at noticing the mistakes of the player.





Edit: It actually works, just the result screen is bugged (likely due to me trying to upload it while game is in progress ^^)


Edit2: The games I played today on my A-44 and Cromwell, I tried to make use of what I saw from good players on the Lakeville map and tried to use what was said on where not to go guide on my El Halluf game :)

Cromwell: http://wotreplays.com/site/2127369#lakeville-xwhitetigerx-cromwell

A-44: http://wotreplays.com/site/2127373#el_halluf-xwhitetigerx-a-44

A-44 has the bug again, however the replay works fine. I think that's because I don't wait until the match is over.

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Alright the first match you played it looked like you were trying to flank the entire enemy force which is a good strategy but not in the Chi-nu its not a fast tank, You should have either flank around one of the close by sand dunes or just take them head on, I also see you taking the most direct route to some tanks to get shots, which slowed you down.


The second replay you started off in a sniper position, which again is not suitable for the chi nu, you ended really only facing off against 3 ish enemies, you were conserving your HP too much, maybe be a little more aggressive, maybe go with the heavies nad play as a support role while the enemy heavies are focusing on your heavies.


The third reply you started off by going to the 3 line,and taking shots at tanks that were barely visible and totally exposing yourself, there were a couple of lower tier tanks that if you would have been more aggressive you could have killed. after that you delayed a little bit while you team moved up and the enemy was  looking at them, again you need to be more aggressive.


Just because you are a lightly armored tank doesnt mean you cant be aggressive, thats the main problem im seeing here, too much sitting and waiting and sniping, not enough putting the tanks Dpm and mobility to use. have more faith in yourself as a tanker, when you see an oppurtunity like a tier 4 tank and a tier 3, take advantage, because the Chi Nu is good enough to take them both out with little health lost. The Chi Nu is a bad long range sniper tank. Play it sort of like a tier 5 cromwell. Also use less auto aim, its a good habit to break out of.


My advice... Be more aggressive, be less passive



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Thanks, I'll try to be more agressive in my Chi-Nu, it's the only tank I'm not over-agressive I think, probably used to it because of the stock grind, as for auto aim, I would try to, but currently my pc is a steaming pile of poop as for FPS goes, when I don't auto aim and hold my left click on easy targets I miss lots of dpm on them, because you know, instant frame drops..  Also you didn't check the last Chi-Nu game on the Airfield?

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Game 1: You drive somewhat recklessly over terrain. When you got tracked because of that you were lucky that arty didn't simply nuke you. I have also gotten the impression that your aiming is not really smooth. One way to work around that and use less time is to use auto aim (or even Sela aim) against targets you cannot not penetrate (like the Japanese T3/4? heavy). If you are really close to your enemy you can also afford to only partially aim your shots (especially if the are a lolpen target).

Game 2: Would not have gone to sniping ridge at F4 as it often gets scouted and enemies expect campers to sit there. Personally I prefer the G6 spot the M4 took initially since it gives you the freedom to either try to support north (caution with approach due to open terrain) or south. The flanking you did on the thru the gorge on the ELC was imo a bit risky, but it worked. You need to keep in mind that it is ultra high risk tho due to lingering enemies (you basically should only do it if the entire enemy team is spotted. Even then it puts you in a meh spot with little cover, so eh.). Good decision to cap, Cromwell saved your game.

Game 3: Don't peek sideways. Never ever. Smart players take off your tracks and damage you if you do that. Worst case you get tracked while rolling back into cover unable to retaliate. Better try a side scrapey movement to prevent getting tracked. After your first shot at the M8 you might want to reposition (they expect you and most importanty: they have better cover and can preaim). When you proceed to shoot the Churchill III in the rear: Be aware of your surroundings. You tunneled and payed the price. An easy way to avoid that would have been to deny line of fire from the field. There are buildings to your left, use them. The shots you had at the KV later were poor. You could have done more by flanking around the building. Tracking was fine tho, you just could have done more.
On the earlier note: If you learn to shoot a tanks drive wheel to track and damage you can influence games a lot. Worst case it forces a repair kit. Best case they can't shoot back and you can damage + track all the time.

Can't view the IS game anymore due to version difference :(

Cromwell game start was exactly how I play the map. Decision to flex back to base was golden, however the crossing the field part was questionable (you probably realized that once you got shot.). However it gave you a good position to threaten their flank. When shooting the Jap heavy you should probably have peeked around the other side of the house to increase the angle under which your enemies were under fire: a) they need to turn their turrets more to shoot you so you can take cover faster and b) You might get a better angle at their side. Now I am not sure about this, but if you really really wanted to get to the other side you might have been able to take the scenic route along the lake. Given how many tanks you still had there it would probably still have been in time.
You should probably also carry a few gold shells. Don't spam them, but sometimes they can really help securing a game (imagine you HAD to kill that Jap heavy. Prem would have an easier time ;)). It's better to have it and not to use it than to need it and not to have it.

From the advice earlier: Aggression in the Chi Nu has to be taken with caution. You probably already experienced the pleasant hard on Derp gun lovers get for you. Keep that in mind. Since you are a squishy tank with meh view range and camo plus the shitty armor you should almost never initiate a push. Helping team mates push however (and using them to deny the enemy shots) is really fine tho. If you think about pushing: Analyze map and line up: You really don't want to run into a DERP.

GL (oh and don't take this too hard. You had lots of good elements in your game play. The Chi Nu is also a really meh tank: Squishy, not fast enough to make up for squishy and meh gun handling are hard. Armor layout and turret placement are also not good. I didn't like mine.):)

Just read your earlier post: When it comes to frame rate: Have you looked into mods that help with that? It really is hard to play good if you are fighting your PC. Might also explain why I think your aiming is clunky. Quick shot placement to minimize exposure really helps.

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