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Hello wotlabs-dwellers and -lurkers!



We're looking for good enough players and lots of them to join our SH, CW, TB, tournament ambitions. This ghey community aims to combine serious competitive play shrouded in one value.
Don't be a [derogatory term of your choice to denote cretin like and antisocial tendencies].

We expect you are
 - Aged 18 or more.
 - English speaking... and somehow there's many brits in the clan.
 - Capable of accepting filth laiden banter.

Least and last, stats requirements: 1500 recent wn8. 51+ overall WR. Not end all be all. We need to know you're trying to play WoT.


Submitting an application

 - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500044745/
 - Contact: BadGene616, Skudakoi, daddlar (in-game, WoTEU-forum).
 - In this wotlabs-thread.
 - Enter http://www.scrubtanks.co.uk and make an introduction-post which allows us to communicate our true colours.


At this moment we have a small core of very active members. Of which many have very strange personalities.

Want to help us grow or rant freely at everything? Welcome.


ta :party:

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Gibbo finds WoT boring.

There's many names for "pubbies", noone ever called them lords.


You'll find SCRUBs in WoWS too.

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IS-5s ftw.



We can if we want! :) .. that 12vs15 rofl-stomp during a battle still makes me cum. *Amazing memory*


And the "don't be a [fucking mentally ill retarded idiot]-part" refers mostly to that or what ever floats your boat. Some call it [being a dick towards clan-mates].

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