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Help with a replay!

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Hello everyone, I would like to recive some advice on what I did wrong or what should I´ve done instead.


Thanks in advance,

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- There's no need to use other fonts, I don't know anyone who likes it. :P


- Initial spotting was kinda ok, you've only spotted KV2 though. I find it better to spot from E7 instead of driving around like crazy, it creates opportunities for some early damage and can slow down enemy heavies. Sometimes one of them will stick to a rock on J8 because of being shot.

- You keep driving around instead of providing supporting fire from E6-7. You get there and kill a Tiger when it's too late already. That Tiger did 1k damage to your heavies by the time you got there.

- At 11 min mark it was evident your heavies are gonna die, yet you drive out in the open to get shot by the VK 36.01.

- After that the game was pretty much lost, it's hard to carry in a light tank, your team completely ignored middle and died on the 1 line. Didn't finish watching cause the replay froze for some reason. Although, it's usually better to stay in the middle.

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