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Hello friends o7 My friends list is deader than dos and I need people to spam me invites because mark grinding triggers me and solo pubbing gets boring after a while. I have tiers 10-8,6, and 5 but I usually run tier 9s and 8 prefs. I'm really aggressive yolo prone and it would be nice if I had some like minded platoonies. I don't really care who I play with but it would be nice if you are able to play at a 2 mark level #MoEs_Best_Metric

Tl;Dr I need aggressive toon mates to farm wins and monies with. Post and I'll add you. o7

If you don't want to have anything to do with me maybe this 3 minute video of Donald Trump saying china will convince you otherwise .



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If you dont mind the noobness of me, I would love to toon. Dont have any pref 8s but do have several regular 7s and 8s

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Lol. Send me an invite sometime. In-game is Bebopdebop. USE/USW doesn't matter to me. I have shit ping on both. 

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I am also not ded :3

I also watched whole vid :O

no youre pretty ded tbh

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