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Why did we lost this CW battle?

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I'm not some FC either, but my 2c:

- You were camping, they had an initiative to get into a more favourable position.

- Your scouts didn't spot much, their scouts helped em figure out where you were.

- You decide to make a push along the corridor where your IS5 takes some nice focus fire.

- Your IS3 Knight_Fox stays behind for some reason. Obviously he gets raped alone.

- Then you split up and you get bottle necked from all sides.


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I'm a noob and have never played in CW so I will just suggest things

Team Comp: You guys selected a lineup that consisted of mostly chinese and russian heavies which have both subpar accuracy and length reloads. Maybe putting an autoloader or two would have added a little more alpha when it was needed.

Map Strategy: I think you went to the wrong side of the map for your team comp. West side might have been better for your team's comp. Also you decided to camp even though this map, I think, is ideal for pushing in heavy-mediums

Map Tactics: You let them obtain map control by not putting vision on the other half of the map or sending a tank or two to deal with the sout. Acutally, once that scout got the b2 at 6:24, they knew exactly where you were. There appears to be two pushes, the main up your flank and then another that came around. Once you see both pushes, you have two choices: deal with the main push, or deal with the flankers, and you decided to fight the main one. I can't say whether this was a good or bad move. You all stopped and turned your turrets to shoot the AMX when you saw it, I think that was a bad call.

Personal Tactics: You decide at 6:10 to follow the main group instead of going along the outside of the buildings and getting a flank on the enemy, it might have created a enough discord for the main enemy push to be broken and give your team a chance. and then three of you get caught together in the middle has you move to engage. and then you charge into the middle of the enemy group and stop. You might have moved past the last IS-3 and try and keep all your enemies in one direction from you. Missing that last shot on the WZ, is the point where I would say the game was lost. It would have saved the RU and allowed you to turn around and face the T32 with maybe getting one shot off.

 My two cents

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You pack a bunch of generic heavies into a corner to camp all game and expect to win?

The enemy won because they established map control, allowing them to get their damage-dealing force (50 100s) into flanking position. Then, you did exactly what they wanted you to do: you pushed into their heavies, which allowed the 50 100s to close in into you flank.

I think CW tactics only takes some basic Clausewitz, if you will.

1) Establish map control, and scout out your possibilities to strike.

2) Before you attack, use any means possible to weaken the enemy while putting as few forces of your own at risk as possible.

3) Use a main, heavy force to tie down the enemy, but do not commit all your forces into skirmish haphazardly.

4) Usually at least half your team should consist of a lighter, hard-hitting flanking force only far enough from the front line so that they don't get engaged before it's time.

5) Once the opening is there, you hit them with all your forces simultaneously from multiple angles.


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-Your scouts were bad, they could've even sneaked a maus up in the middle, so they had a buttload of tanks there already when you went for the is3s.

-Your tactics were really simple and predictable, all of you just sat in the corner, which is fine (even though it's one of the worst possible strategies), but if you decide to do that, you don't attack without knowing where the enemy exactly is.

-The t54 was bad, he got himself into a bad position, and (almost?)died.

-Before you pushed out, you'd already taken some hits putting you in HP disadvantage, so that's another reason not to yolo at them.

-Your is6 and one is3 were completely useless, as you left them back there for no reason, and were mopped up by their lights/50 100.

-Your push was generally in a shit position, you could get shot at from the middle, and the is3s as well.

-Your t54 was bad, he died early, couldn't help you with the brawl.

At this point it was lost already, you were 2 tanks down(3 with the t54), and I don't know how I would've recovered it, but I definitely wouldn't have gone for the full HP is3 group before killing the 50 100, and not letting it empty its clip. But yea by this time, the is3s would've killed you anyway so w/e.


Even though the focus on the is3s was okay, they're the lesser threats, and killing them was too late anyway.

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Featured? Oh well?

First of all, the only part of the map you had...was the C7 area. That kind of map control is...excellent...I mean, literally - the enemy could have had a campfire in middle. And you would not have known it. For all I you know, they actually did have one.

Your T54 LT is useless in the position where he was spotting, if you were going to make that "tactic" work at all..he would have needed to do an active spotting run around E3/E4 area and then keep scouting the entire map, but on stalingrad...that would have just gotten him killed. This gives you time well in advance to setup before they push.
It also extends your vision beyond just your base. Especially on a map like Stalingrad, where the enemy can get pretty close to you through all the lanes while remaining unspotted. 
f you're in a full heavy setup, you got to use it. Camping 2 squares on the map is not going to win you the game. Allowing enemies to get multiple firing lanes on you is not going to win you the game. Being active(note: I avoided using aggressive) is what wins you games. 

Another thing: Passive spotting is great...on maps that allow it. Stalingrad does not. Your ru251 is useless. 
Your t54 LT is doing stupid stuff...either use your lights properly, or don't use them at all. If your light players don't know what they're doing, it's better to stick them in a heavy for the extra HP. 


Around ~7 minutes your is-3 (knight fox) gets shot at. Enemy stays unspotted...you have a t54 LT ahead of him. Explain to me what use there is in having a T54 Lt that is not spotting anything? Why is he even in a position where he cannot get away from? 

Anyhow, your "push" - you initially push with 75% of your heavy group. That was just nope..

Tl:DR: Stop camping, l2light tank. 

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Mureke already posted the most essential stuff. Also everybody that has never played CW is not really in the position to give advices here ;)


Some additional thoughts for your FC:

- Take 50% of the map as an initial thought. Camping in one corner and giving the enemy 80% of the map is always a bad idea. Just decide yourself on Stalingrad if you want to take 2/3-Line or 8/9-Line aggressively.

- Use the Airstrikes later, when you have proper targets for it. These consumables are very powerful, so you should not waste them at the first thing spotted (even tho it was a 50100), instead wait for the enemy to clump up. On City Maps they will always come to you over 1 or 2 narrow streets. Thats the perfect opportunity to rape half their Team with those consumables.

- Use Scouts if you want to scout. If you camp somewhere anyways T32s are a much better choice because they have the same viewrange, but can scout with their turret which is inpenetrable on range. Your RU at the beach was a weird choice, seeing what he did the whole battle. But your FC has probably read somewhere before that a good line-up always needs 2 scouts. Scouts are used to get map control. So they need to be used to flex around the map. Other than that Pershings or even fast heavies (IS-3) could be used. If you take scouts use them to do something Heavies couldnt do. In the Lategame-Stage on city maps you will always see some kind of close-quarter brawl. I can guarantee you, that an IS3 will perform better in that situation than any Scout ;) So if you bring scouts on city maps, you need to have a good Idea what to do. A possibility would be to use them as a little flanking force (For example 2x T54 and a 1390). You could use them to clear out the "empty flank" and get them in the back of the mainforces. 


Edit: If interested, come to my TS and i might be able to give you some "successful" Stalingrad-Replays.

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If interested, come to my TS and i might be able to give you some "successful" Stalingrad-Replays.

I will start stalking you very soon :-) thanks for offer.

Also thanks to everybody else who took his time and replied.


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