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Regarding Statistics - And what to do with them. (I don't know where to post this plz halp)

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Hello, WotLabs community!

     Hello! I was wondering if I could reset my WN8 by any means on my primary (and only) account. 
I would assume that this cannot be done, however, I heard that there was a new prototype system ((WN9) lost forum link.) 
I would assume that incorporating the WN9 system would bring about a reset of the new standard of stats, thus meaning that my stats could show how good I really am.


     I would reroll, however, I have too many memorys of good times, rare premium vehicles and standard vehicles that I could not be bothered to get again. The reason I was wondering about the aforementioned discussion is that I can not get into a good clan, and I can not reason with any recruiter. My battle count is too high for me to get my stats up with my current work situation.

Viele danke, 
Viiranin (I can't format yet. On mobile.)

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Check the WN9 thread, but the last I heard is that it will become a recent statistic and WG personal rating would be the standard for your overall account. 

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look at it that way: you're good now, but you still show up as "yellow" in-game XVM. It's called "XVM shield" because if you are prupel, arty and several other people just focus you because OMG unicum must die!!11!


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It's never too late to improve - I'm carrying 47k games, so I have to be content with dragging my stats up slowly and painfully. As far as clans go, how high are you setting your sights? Most recruiters will look at your recent stats rather than your overall (plus how you perform in the tanks they want) because they want to get a picture of how well you play now.


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