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Looking for a teacher

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Hey, I was looking for someone to show me the ropes and hopefully help me break free from my 1500 recents. I can mostly platoon at ~5:00-7:00 Pacific time. I mostly use TS to talk, but I also have mumble. I don't have a server we can use though. ;-;


I would really appreciate anyone who's wiling to help! 

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Its not about wn8.

Its about enjoying the game. The wn8 will come. Its still too soon to worry about stats.

At first you must understand the mechanics of the game, such as spotting, view range, and play brawl or support depending on the matchmaking.

My advice also is to watch as many videos as you can from good players (QB , Sircon etc) to see their positioning and handling of situations.

Also, if you die soon in a battle, dont go to garage, just see a good player from your team, the way he is playing.

I understood fully all game mechanics and role stuff completely after 7-8k games (too late maybe :P )

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