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MekanicGaming's Twitch Stream

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Hello members of the WotLabs community. I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I am a moderator in the Twitch stream of MekanicGaming and am here posting on his behalf. 


Mekanics stream is not a super unicum rofl-stomping everyone in front of him. What Mekanic offers that I haven't seen in many other places is a chilled out free flowing discussion. Scared his musical taste might scare you off, you have good reason. Thankfully he lets his viewers dictate the playlist on every stream, meaning you can kick back relax and enjoy the music you like. Mekanic is a player who tries to help inform others of his knowledge, if he doesn't know the answer himself he'll attempt to find the answer for you. 


We would love for you to come and share your experiences and maybe learn something new. Mekanic streams everyday except Saturdays from 10pm EST.


Thank you for taking the time to check this thread out.




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I jumped into Meks stream last night not knowing what to expect, ended up staying for 6 hours. Really chill dude and chill stream with good tunes to boot.

This stream gets my #420 dank seal of approval.

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been following mek for a few months great personality very informative and very chill and relaxed atmosphere 

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I just had a chance to pop on here, Cowboy was watching the stream last night and suggested we make a thread about the stream.

I've lurked on WoTLabs for a looong time, learned a lot from you guys to be honest heh. Dean (Q2daface) summed up my stream nicely, I'm no uni to learn amazing tactics from, but try to have a good atmosphere to hang out and have discussions about stuff. Cowboy and I had a really good one last night about premium ammo haha.

I'm about to go live in a couple minutes, look forward to seeing some of you there!

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