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Rather odd defeat

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I don't even know what to make of this thing. It's like an oddly shaped bit of rubbish. I've watched it twice. And I still don't know what to make of it, aside from that I need to work on my marksmanship. What should I have done to contribute more?

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I'm not the best KV-4 driver but I am pretty good.

Map Strategy: The KV-4 is an excellent sidescraper but doesn't have much after that. I'm ok with with the flank you went towards but its a more difficult position for a KV-4 since there can be more targets to the side than front and you could be more useful with the heavies considering that you are a top tier tank.

@14:03 you stopped to fire at the T-34-3, the KV-4 is a slow tank and you stopped. Dont stop until you reach the fighting area on the flank. Also, If you look at the terrian, you will see that the T-34-3 will disappear from you LoF after he goes over the hill so you staying to wait for your gun to reload so you can fire again slowed you down further.

@13:09: Decide which direction you are going to go and go down that flank. You hesitate, just drive on.

@12:35 Again you stop to try and snipe a tank, I would stop even thinking about sniping in russian heavies aside from maybe the KV-2.

@12:05 You take a straight line path to the enemy base from F1. If you had followed the map along the 1 line then accross, you would have found that arty and maybe not lost the 700hp while on cap.

When you decided to cap, I would say the game had been decided. Your team had a less effective layout becuase they weren't together so they couldn't help you or each other. You had three possible lines of incoming fire while on cap so you were never going to win that. 

Your team didn't help to much but there things that you could have done to make it better. Try and go to the place where the strongest enemy tanks will be when you are the top tier heavy tank. Don't try to snipe in heavies and russians in general. If you aren't in cover or in a slow tank, dont stop moving; especially when there are arty in the game. When its the end of game, Dont hesitate to load gold and get the kill, that IS-6 could have died much eariler.

I will say that you waggled nicely although a little predictable on high speed. but that's the only good thing i can say about this replay.

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Usually I don't go down that flank on that map (I do the typical clench spot on the opposite side) but the last few times I've been on it since the changes, there's been a notable heavy presence. And we've lost because of it but it didn't happen this time around so maybe people were experimenting before returning to the more typical pattern.

You're right, I do have a "SQUIRRAL!" problem. I'll have to work on that one. And also work on clearing areas out more thoroughly.

Thanks a lot. 

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I can't say I've ever played the KV-4, but I have experience with similar russian tanks in playstyle such as the KV220, KV-5, IS-7, etc.

1. Overall positioning - bad. You're in a big, slow, sluggish heavy tank. That entire flank was designed for mediums and light tanks. You should have gone down the 9-0 line where you would have some degree of cover and you wouldn't be constantly exposed. 

2. 13:55 - You stopped, right in the middle of a field, with no cover, whilst being spotted, simply to get a whiffed shot on that T-34-3 which probably would have missed regardless. If I was an arty driver who knew what he was doing, I would have body-slammed your tank while you were busy trying shoot a tank that's moving at 45KM/H. You should have moved your ass straight to the castle structure.

3. 12:59 - It is now barely over 2 minutes into the battle and you are just now getting to where you were originally planning to go, and now anything that was over at that flank has been picked off by your mediums and light tanks. This is why positioning is key. 

4. 12:35 - You took way too long to aim, and you got yourself spotted in the process. Trust in STALIN to guide your shells. You took a huge risk poking out and sitting there and you're very lucky that nobody was staring at that area.

5. 12:03 - Poor situational awareness. 9-0 line flank has now fallen and is most likely going to capture your base, and you're still strolling on to their cap instead of going back to defend.

6. 11:52 - You're stopping in the middle of an open field AGAIN to get shots on a tank that you can't see.

7. 11:28 - Third time you've stopped in an open field to get shots on an enemy tank.

8. 10:28 - Why would you sit out in the open in the enemy's cap circle, point the ass of your tank to where their arty is sitting, and try to get snipe-shots on a T-44 moving at 40-50KM/H?

9. 10:18 - You are now showing your side armor to the direction in which enemy snipers could be sitting to defend their base in order to protect yourself from a T-44 who can't even shoot you in the current moment. 

10. 10:05 - You're still showing your side armor to the enemy snipers and you're staring down the Enemy T-44 who really can't penetrate your armor reliably unless he uses premium rounds. You're lucky the IS-6 hit your tracks but if he took more time to aim and hit the side of your turret instead, you would be down 400 hitpoints. 

11: 9:56 - You are STILL sitting out in the open and you are extremely lucky the G.W. Panther decided to take out the E25 instead of take off another 600-800 hitpoints by shooting your ass which you are STILL pointing to him. 

12: 9:53 - Why would you try to blindshot an angled IS-6 who you JUST SAW back up into cover? 

13: 9:01 - You're STILL trying to blindshot an IS6 when you don't even know where he is.

14: 9:00 - The fact that you're still sitting in the capture circle trying to cap out the enemy team who has shots on you instead of going back to defend your base 3 minutes ago is downright mind-boggling. 

Overall performance -

You demonstrated fairly poor ability to command a heavy tank, but anybody can get better. The best way for you to improve is to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your tanks, pay attention to the rest of the battle while bullying tanks you can bully, learn the best positions dependent on your choice of tanks, stick with teammates, and understand when it's time to abandon a lost flank. You still have a fairly small amount of battles, so there's lots of room for improvement.


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