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EU trash Looking for a clan on NA

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If you can be online 9 PM - 11 PM EST -  we want to talk to you!

Our TeamSpeak address is monte.clanwarz.com:1140

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Looking for a clan 



maybe CW 

10 tier X --- I love my X

online all most every day 



I can put you in line w/ Comrade_Jeff you're close enough to our reqs so why not I guess

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First I want to thank you all for invites to some great clans . But I want to be fair . I can't play CW because of time difference . They start at 4 am . :cri:

My interest is SH at some normal time like midnight .

So if some clan can have me for platoon , SH and kicks . Please contact me . 


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Sorry I did not remember you, but I don't remember a lot of things.  Things have changed a bit but I understand.  Stop by for a few kicks and giggles if you want.  And if you are in the mood and want to run SH skirmishes we would love to have you.

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