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So uh, Since I'm on SEA, i have the option atm of being able to get the KV-5 package that also comes with an m3 stuart. I understand that both have anemic pen unless shooting gold and in terms of prems that i already have I have a lowe and sp. I do kinda hate playing my lowe and sp thou.


Which one of the Kv-5 or IS-6 is better? xD



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I am an IS6 zombie believer but be prepared to spend a lot on prem ammo in it.


I might get a kv5 before this sale is over but all i can say about it is that it rarely if ever fails to pen my is6 and its armor is very troll.. probably as troll as the is6.


That said, i have no second thoughts about going face into one and killing it. But i am VERY aggressive in the is6 so i tend to go brawl with anything under a tier9 heavy.


things i like about the is(assuming maxed crew, modules, consumables):

- somewhat fast..

- good turret traverse

- good tank traverse

- decent reload

- low profile

- good camo for  a heavy


things i dont like:

- low profile (makes it hard to hit rooftop weakspots)

- gun accuracy

- gun aim speed... not terrible but still meh

- that penetration. both standard and prem rounds. rng will fail you often

- armor. its only good when angled. hills/bumps defeat it and anything goes in like a photon torpedo. be mindful of how your tank is oriented in 3D at all times.

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