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When the odds are stacked against you…..March On


When you’ve given all you can and more….March On


In victory, in defeat, in good times and in bad….March On


March On (MO) is a CW dedicated team committed to the principles of excellence in battleupstanding conduct in both victory and defeat, and the desire to build a strong, tightknit, and above all else, fun community of tankers throughout all of it. 


These qualities are what we expect out of our players, but what does MO offer you in return? 


  • An experienced, dedicated, and loyal officer corps composed of former leaders from many of the server’s top clans.  Our goal is to make WOT as fun as possible, and to do that we will make every effort to ensure you win and enjoy doing so.


  • Training:  MO has some of the best callers and drill sergeants around.  No matter whether you’re a CW expert or just working your way to the top, our staff will help shape you and your fellow members into a feared fighting force


  • Constant Activity:  Whether you’re fighting in CW, training, doing Strongholds, or just platooning, MO is a highly active clan with continual events. 


  • lasting community of friends.  As we said before, being a clan dedicated to CW excellence doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while accomplishing that goal.  We want all our members to get along to not only build camaraderie, but also to improve how we work as a team


  • A history of campaign excellence:  In the recent Safari campaign, MO placed 7th in the overall rankings, surpassing many well respected clans and earning all of our members a T23E3 reward tank.  


So what kind of players is MO looking for?


 Overall = 2200+ WN8 
 Last 1000 battles = 2800+ WN8 
 5+ viable Clan Wars Tier 10s 
 4 Days + week attendance 
 Mic and TeamSpeak is required. 
 Overall W/R 55%+


However, these statistics ARE NOT absolute.  If you do not meet the clan requirements special considerations may be given to applicants based on many variables such as:  Being open to learning and improving your play, personality and fit with the clan members, your ability to take orders, etc.


If you think you are a good match for a highly experienced team dedicated to CW excellence like MO, please do not hesitate to submit an application or contact one of our recruitment officers (Sapoverde, CommandantKlink, Gilette, Nighthawk, Pooch) in game or here on the forums.  We look forward to fighting alongside you soon. 


Link to MO Clan Tools Application Page:  https://clantools.us...s?id=1000021200  


March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection.

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A recently discovered Neolithic cave painting of an early tank battle.  Notice the complete lack of discipline in the rush to feast on a lone TOG that strayed too far from it's pack

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