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[LOTI] Luck of the Irish are recruiting!!


TS3 address: ts6.freets3.net:10004


Are you a ‘blue’ or ‘purple’ player wanting to have fun in this game without the seriousness of having to be online X number of times a week at a set time?

  • Do you act first and then think later?
  • Do you believe in a thing called love luck?
  • Do you like potatoes?
  • Is Leprechauny even a real word?
  • Did you know that an ‘original’ Leprechaun was actually a great warrior? 

If the answer to any of the above is yes then how about applying to be part of the most Guinness and potato filled Leprechauny clan on the EU server!


What can we offer you?

  • A relaxed atmosphere with other talented tankers.
  • Nothing but fun when in platoons or stronghold/drunkhold games.
  • Credit/XP bonuses for those who help with our stronghold.
  • Good player base to expand your skills/experience as an FC (if you have any FC experience or wish to gain some).
  • ‘Status symbols’ - rewards on your TS account for certain events and actions for you to proudly show off to your fellow clan mates.
  • Fun and friendly competitions in training rooms for a laugh and sometimes prizes.
  • A place to play ANY tier (you will not be judged here!)
  • This very forum thread for shitposting

We do ask that you help at least once a week with collecting boxes for our stronghold though (that’s not too much to ask is it?!).


So how do I become a part of this amazing clan you ask?
Well if you meet (or come close to) the requirements outlined below then simply post your interest on here with the following information:

Please do not take offense if you send us a PM with your application and receive a blunt response, if you can’t follow the instructions how will you follow our FCs?!

In-game name (if it’s different to your WoTLabs name!):
Link to worldoftanks.eu profile wouldn’t go amiss… saves our recruiters precious seconds!
Any Friends in LOTI?:
Did anyone recommend LOTI/Leprechauns to you?:
Blood Type:
Midichlorian Count:
Hair Colour:
What did you do last Tuesday?:


Small Print:
Once your application has been scrutinised checked over by one of our recruiters (and approved by them) they will accept you on a 30 day trial as a recruit to see how well you merge and blend in, after a successful period as a recruit you can get a full promotion to Private Leprechaun (or Field Commanding ‘Fighting’ Leprechaun if you really prove yourself!). During the 30 day period we would like to see you as active as possible on TS and in Stronghold games.
Re-rollers need not apply without good reason, this game is about having fun over stats. Definitions of 'acceptable' re-rolls are found here

The Boring bits:

Please note that ALL applications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis

  • 1700ish WN8 with 2300+ recent and a 54% WR
  • TS3 with a working mic/headset
  • You must be an 'active' and team player
  • Sense of humour
  • 18 years of age (or older) - due to mature content

We also ask that you have 1 or more suitable tier 8 tanks for SH and preferably a fast tier 6 tank for credit/box grinding sessions (SH) along with any tier X tank


Important bits:
Whilst we are a laid back ‘fun loving’ clan, we will not tolerate any form of racism or bullying. Please try not to defame the Leprechaun folk by being an asshat in randoms, we would like to be known as a fun clan rather than one full of idiots. I don’t want to receive a tonne of messages/chat logs/videos about our members behaviour being rather toxic and if for some reason you do not heed the above advice, then each particular case will be assessed and could potentially result in a kick from the clan. Oh and if you’re inactive for more than 30 days or don’t help with the stronghold you could also face a kick to make way for more active players.


Want to actually know some of the folklore behind Leprechauns? http://holidays.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/02/the_leprechaun.php



If you're a good player who doesn't care much for clan wars but like a strong knit community with rewards from regular stronghold battles then this is the place for you!

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We are a brand new clan who will (hopefully) have a lot to offer very soon. The aim is to build a strong community with a democratic leadership whilst playing the game for what it is... a game.

We want to have fun a derp around from time to time, all tier players welcome providing you have some input into helping our stronghold :)


PLEASE NOTE: Our TS is very much a work in progress!! Only had it up a few days and not had a lot of time setting everything up, most of the rooms are done along with server groups but if you find any bugs then please let me know :P


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I don't have to be Irish, do I? :doge:

I'm not Irish :P

Genuine Irish do get special treatment though (once I have finished the TS server group stuff lol)

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Klanu short name is only one letter away from this cheery fellow:


Although I've always been more akin to this guy:


I should really watch Valhalla again :doge:

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Leprechauns vs WoT pubbies

featuring a sad teammate that didn't get any damage

Pretty much this


All of two members and we won all of our games and received the first LOTI BIA in prem tanks :P (we did only play 4-5 games!)


A very salty IS-3 driver who got perma-tracked... BY A LOWE!! How bad must your crew be for that to happen!

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I'll pick tankus up again in the next couple of days, so feel free to inviterino. A 2 week break is pretty good for your health :disco:

and thus the derailing shitpoasting begins :serb: 

It never stopped, just switched topic :doge:

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my lodon fgts tell me I do sound irish occasionally, but I usually try to not sound english at all. The german engineering accent is more saxay anyway.

Good luck with ur klani Matra. Spam me with drunkholds if u want, will drown in most battles, I promise. :unicum:

Thought you were joining ideal mr fgt.

 ......most Guinness and potato filled Leprechauny clan on the EU server!


You spelled Guinness wrong!


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I'll pick tankus up again in the next couple of days, so feel free to inviterino. A 2 week break is pretty good for your health :disco:


Turns out just one week is pretty good for you too :potato:

Thought you were joining ideal mr fgt.

You spelled Guinness wrong!


FFS, I even read through it to see if I made any mistakes... well spotted and now corrected!

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Oh, I dont meet the requirements, dont have 2.300 recent wn8  :brokenheart:

But your WR is still almost 4% lower than mine, though :gaytroll:

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Thought you were joining ideal mr fgt.


Ideal fgts don't like real fgts. 
Besides that I can't really play since June cuz of my of connection issue, which makes it kinda hard to even maintain stupid 3k wn8.
Started a replay folder with some fav. game-throws cuz of lag and actually already broke my old chair due to rage. :unicum:

ps: http://i.imgur.com/7rL55Nd.jpg
I think I've posted that for about a dozen times now, so I can qq. I run ts on a 2nd connection so I don't dc when more than ~2-5 ppl are talking at the same time.

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GL with your new clan :)


Thanks mate, hope all goes well with you guys and things look up now your SH is almost back together :)


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Can I haz clanu? I'm away till the 29th, but after that count me in! That is if you want me :) 

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