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[EU] bad WR

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i am mostly satisfied in my WN8 as up he goes. played too much arty in the beginnings due to 20 fps.

only wr is the problem. I need platoon or something to achieve 60+ winrate recent

so please if you have experience (54+ wr) friend me ingame



my computer hdd is broken, and is being fixed. i dont know when i will get it back, maybe in 1 week.

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HMU, I can help you out.

Also, it's not the lack of platooning that's the problem. Your plays yield WR on the basis of you doing damage that is needed for the team to advance until you win, I'd propose you do more useless farming than you think and maybe look over it a bit. There's players who solo 65% because they tend to do the things needed for the team, rather than the damage (Garbad and Xen are probably the biggest examples around here)

IGN is currently SiimcysMom but can change soon :serb: 

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