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The cruel tutelage of...

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Greetings Labs folks!


I am a long time player finally looking to improve my game a bit.  I wouldn't say I'm particularly bad@tanks but I'm certainly not good either.  When I started playing in 2011, I was on a solid course of learning and gradual improvement that suited me and my meticulous methods.  I had stayed the course for a little over 2 years, just plodding along and having a great time.

 After about 12k battles I started to get a bit bored of the grind and decided to join a clan and play some battles on the global map.  At first this was great fun!  I had joined a middling African landholding clan and participated as much as I could.  We had done pretty good for a time but then WG closed off Europe and Africa to NA clans and we could never get a toehold on North America.  The callers quit and the clan melted down and fell apart due to apathy and atrophy.  This set me adrift in the sea of red and I ended up joining a succession of failing clans, just hoping to get a little of that fun back I had had.  It never happened and I have spent the past two years playing with some of the worst players on NA as a result.

Examples of some of my platoon mates over the past couple of years...

signature.png  signature.png  signature.png  signature.png  signature.png  (there are whole clans comprised of these types of players, eek!)

I don't blame these players for my poor results, as I am the constant, but they didn't help me either.  As hard as I tried, I just could not carry.  This has led to my own atrophy of sorts and over the long haul my play has continually suffered.


This all brings me to where I am now.  I'm at a crossroads in my WOT experience.  Good and bad, I still love to play this game but I really don't like losing as much as I do.  I've decided to give myself a couple of months more.  If I cannot legitimately improve my game, I will be forced to quit playing in self shame and go play Minecraft or an Xbox or something (or minecraft on an Xbox)...


This is hopefully where the fine folks of this community come in.  I have gleaned a great deal of information lurking about but I would like to take it to another level.  Therefore I would like to find a mentor to help me push through these doldrums.  I am willing to do what it takes to improve and am willing to provide compensation in the form of in-game items or even cold hard cash if necessary, to achieve this goal.  Please understand though, my intention is not to simply get my WN8 up.  If that's all I was after i'd just run around spamming APCR from my 59-16 and MT-25 for a thousand rounds.  I genuinely wish to learn to play and win at a higher level than I am currently capable of on my own.


If anyone is interested in assisting me in attaining this goal, please feel free to respond to this poast or send me a PM here or in game.






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did you try brushing up on the game mechanic and whatnot from reading the articles?

Absolutely, and they have been a great help over all.  I also watch streamers periodically as well, which is also helpful to a degree.  I am very studious in fact, but there is just something I'm missing between the theory and the practical application that I hope may be filled by a little direct coaching.

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Poke me if I'm online, I'm typically on NA East (weekends) with a tier 8-10 tank.

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