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Spirits glourious potato stream (3800wn8, 68%wr recents)

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So, I am now streaming off my potato


So, what to expect besides the game looking magical?

I generally play for shits and giggles, lots of yoloing, playing with the best terrabad toonies ever, and professionally bad driving dont forget exceptionally bad aiming

Most of the streaming will be done on the weekend and I am currently streaming while playing with 1n_soviet_Russia as of this post

come check it out, it probably wont give you cancer :popcorn:http://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit




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Is that a bomb!? 


(If you understand the reference) 

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Zap you suck. Also why you no invite me when I not in skirmish?

can confirm, uniformly awful 

& inviting people at reasonable times is hard :fat:

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