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Hello everyone! I decided to sign up for the wotlab forums. I've been using the site for tank reviews and what nots, and then realized there's a whole forum! (puts on flame suit).

Nice to meet everyone!


Little about me: 

- Currently working to improve my stats and to become a better player. 17k+ battles and I'm almost to 50% WR. I basically burned and ground through tanks until like 15k games... decided to start working on my stats. 

- I have quite a few tier X's, but usually play my lower tiers (grinding).

- Recently moved off my laptop and paid someone to build me a desktop. Running max setting (turned off/lowered some misc settings) and getting around 90~115 fps, and my connection speed hovers around 60 ~ 80 ms.

- I play around 5-6 days a week, for a few hours after work and play a lot on the weekends, primarily on east coast server.

- I'm in my first clan [LAST], and learned about strongholds & CW.


See ya' out on the battlefield!


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