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DPRK 70th Anniversary Workers' Party Millitary Parade

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A huge military display in North Korea, marking the 70th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party. There's also T34-85 in the parade which suggest they are use for training... hopefully

25:49 Parade starts.

26:36 Wow... T34-85 still in service?

1:17:29 KN-08 missile, probably capable hitting the U.S mainland.

The might of the Korean People's Army



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PPsH sole purpose was to roll out lead faster than the other guy. Real combat isn't like CoD where everyone hits everything. 

North Korea can be a joke to the world, but even a tomato in wot can still ruin your parade.

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I'm not sure how that little fat bastard could hold that pudgy hand of his up so long...

and the officers caps remind me of this guy


Look dude, just because someone is fat doesn't mean you have to be rude to him. :foreveralone:

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