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A lot of the tier 10 gameplay is very toxic.  CV's can be a royal PITA, but are a necessary evil.  Upper tier (8 to 10) play often evolves into long range snipe fest between BBs trying to be RNG sharpshooters at 20+ km.  Cruisers play the price.  

That being said, Deus, what is your captain build like?  That could be integral to the problem.


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Ugh, I don't visit here often enough anymore...

Priority target, expert loader (I switch ammo fairly often)


Super, DE

AFT, Concealment

Dropped Hydro this patch in expectation of more CVs.  Saw several the first day or two, but they're getting scarce again.  Might go back to hydro soon.

I've gotten the stats up a bit, though still only at 46%


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TBh CV's are so rare that hydro is more useful.  Even if you get 1 in 4 matches with a CV the hydro is still more useful.  I have seen the Hindy used well in bow on situations, but I can't make it work that way

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