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Why are the damage requirements on the FV4005 and fv183 the same?

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I just bought this trash FV4005 and having a hard time understanding why all the stats on wotlabs for these 2 tanks are the same. 183 has some armor and more Hp, so it can survive longer in fights, whereas the FV4005 cannot even take a hit.

Is there any reasoning for this?

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Placeholder, and not enough data probably on the 4005. I cant recall the last time Ive seen it in battle

It's more common than the M60 or Object 260. They're probably less noticeable because they rarely do much.

With the interval method, the 183 and 4005 expected stats are close, apart from winrate which is 2% lower. As you'd expect for slightly better firepower and much worse armour. However, the 183 was nerfed hard recently, so they're both overrated by WN8. The skill scaling's also the worst at tier 10 aside from the artillery.


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