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Music Headset Help

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My girlfriend is looking to buy a headset with a 3.5mm input. She just needs it to listen to music so no mic is needed. The price range is $60-80 US, this is flexible but she doesn't want to go to far. I've looked at the audio-technica m30x and m40x, but I'm unsure about the M30x and the M40x are a little out of the price range. She wants a closed ear design because she will use them in a lot of public environments. She isn't looking for heavy base, just nice even sounds. I've spent hours researching, but I still haven't found anything else. I've was wondering what you guys could give me for info to help her find a headset. 

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as an AKG lover i`d go with:

akg 240mk2 - but these are semi open.


Shure SRH 440



+ most of these are closed + worth trying @ local shop (yeah she actually should listen to each pair before making her mind but :serb: )

if she wants to be cost effective i`d stick with superluxes/takstars/jts/maxells/other rebrands  aka designs copied by china :serb:

· Fostex T7 ~CAL brother

· Fostex TH-7B ~CAL brother

· Ultrasone HFI 450

· Audio-Technica ATH-T500

· CAL!  price quality not that good as 4y ago

· JTS HP525 - rebrand /pricequality veri gud

· Superlux HD661 price/quality

· Fischer Audio FA-004 ~ HM3

                Takstar PRO80 v2

            Superlux hd660 - price/quality

  brainwavz hm3 rebrands

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Was doing some more looking and I found the Sennheiser HD 439, they seem rated pretty high and fit all aspects she is looking for. Could anyone comment on them? How's the build quality? Sound? etc. 

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Grado SR60e series.  My friends video production company uses them on their workstations.  Decent price and great quality and hand made in the US...

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She decided on Skullcandy Crushers. I believe she mainly made that decision due to looks, as most headsets are not the most aesthetically pleasing. I was hoping she would get the Sennheiser HD 439s, because there was almost nothing bad about them I could find. 

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