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New build for 1080p gaming

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Planning to buy a new rig but need a bit of help with some of the part selection.


I have 1080p Monitor, keyboard, mouse and a 1TB HDD.

Idea behind this build is to make a solid base for future upgrades. I'm happy with 1080p gaming for now, therefore I chose the Radeon R9 380, which should be enough for this. But I will buy a new monitor/4k TV at some point and will replace the GPU.

i5 4690k - best(?) i5 processor with a good overclocking potential which I would like to make use of.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 - If I decide to overclock, is this enough to cope with the extra heat?

Motherboard - Just a place holder, didn't decide which one to pick. Help!

Memory - Got dilemma if I should go with 8GB or 16GB.

Storage - Do want a nice 240GB SSD, unsure about the brand selection. Also I'm adding a 1TB HDD from my previous PC.

GPU - Radeon R9 380, nothing amazing but as said before, I want 1080p only for now. Will get eventually replaced in 1-2 years time.

Case - Friend of mine has it and it looks fokin cool. Loads of space, good layout.

Power Supply - Not much to say here, 550W should be enough.






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changed a few things:




parts with manual prices check with geizhals.de - partpicker is relativ new to the german market and isnt 100% reliable.


Overclocking a 4690K works with the cooler you u/I choose, but only lightly ~4.2 GHz. That aside Haswell CPUs have relative wide spread when it comes to OC from 4.3GHz to 4.8 GHz depending on your luck of draw.

If you could spend 1150-1200€ I d go for the new Skylake platform with Z170 boards. Anyway:

  • changed cooler - the Pure Rock is a little bit better for a few € less
  • changed motherboard - +20€ gives you the option for 5 years warrenty after registration
  • changed SSD to something more solid - WD and SSDs isnt the best combination. You can save 10-15€ if you choose the Crucial BX100 instead of the Samsung 850Evo, though its slightly slower.

If you order after midnight at mindfactory you dont pay shipping.

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Here's the build I did just 2 weeks ago, very similar to yours, I paid about 780€ including a cashback on the Mobo:


WoT runs at 60-80fps max settings + max AA with mods (dat optimization tho), AW on 70-100fps on Ultra + max AA with only Object Detail turned down to Medium since it wrecks fps even on 2k€ gaming rigs.

8GB RAM should be enough for quite some time unless you do very memory-intensive stuff (advanced music production, video editing etc.)

I'll leave all the other advice to Folter though, he known his shit much better than I do ;)

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Thanks for the tips guys, I like the changes Folterknecht made. 

I will not go for the Skylake CPU, but out of curiosity, what is the benefit of having one?

Breeze: your build looks good, If I had smaller budget I'd go for something like you did.


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If you ve the money buy 16GB (2x 8GB) RAM now. From now on DDR3 prizes will only rise making a later upgrade more expensive. It was the same with DDR2 back in the days - withing 1-2 years after DDR3 came on the market the DDR2 went up. Regarding Skylake advantages:

  • higher IPC (~5%) - Skylake CPU will be faster, if both CPUs re running at the same clockspeed
  • smaller spread when it comes to OC - the chances of you buying a dud (bad overclocker) are smaller
  • much better chipset (southbridge/PCH), offering more bandwith and connectivity
  • DDR4 already in your system making the next system upgrade cheaper. Atm you pay ~80€ for 2x 8GB of DDR3 1600MHz CL9. The same amount of RAM but DDR4 2666 MHz CL15 can be had for only 20€ more.
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