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[WGLNA Season 2] PrimeTime Looking for Uno Mas (EU Players Preferred)

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Hi, Captain of Team PrimeTime here. We currently on the search for a 10th player to fill our roster. We are looking for the best players out there who are interested in becoming a part of a family. WGLNA Gold League Qualifiers are next week, but there’s always roster change week during the season.













Our goal is to be the Top NA Team and go to the grand-finals next year. Since next season is Tier 10s we are pretty confident we are going to perform extremely well in the league this upcoming season. We are looking for people with stats that can match the best on our roster, although I want to point out that stats do not mean everything. The best pubstars are not always the best team players. We want the best who can mesh with us and have good insight on team play and strategy.

Our roster comes from 2nd Place Season 5 team (I Love Lamp) and some of the top performers during Season 6 (Team Refuse) and Me. We have also gone undefeated in the recent Classic Season V tournament, and many other tournaments in the past. Most of our roster also participates in the Champion’s clan league [BULBA] on NA, which we are currently dominating J


http://wotscout.com/team/145782 (The Classic Team)

What we are looking for:

            The best (No trash or e50/light tank padders)

            People with past WGLNA or WGLEU experience preferred

            Players that can perform extremely well in Tier 10 Tanks (4K+ DPGs)

            Strat geniuses/Calling a big +

            Those open to criticizm so that they can learn and improve

            Someone who becomes a part of our family (Looking for Chill Try Hard Playas)

            Those who want to win and will show up to everything, and have can-do attitude.

            (We meet minimum 3+ days a week, Tuesdays/Thursdays/ then random)

            Skype required

Please PM me or post below to let me know if you're interested  

It’s Time for PrimeTime!


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3 hours ago, mereelskirata said:

I thought Smylee only plays AW.

Nah he still plays tanks but only for tourneys from what I remember.  No more pub battles :D 

GL JoJo fam

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