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New Article Submission Guidelines

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As you probably noticed, we've reformulated the way articles will be handled from now on.

Starting now, we will be using the IP.Content platform from Invision Power Services to handle all the articles. We're coupling that with some cool plugins that allow us to promote a thread to an article, so we can quickly publish articles without hassle.

How will submissions work from now on?

If you wish to write an article, create a thread on this section and simply write your article in it.

While it's being worked on, articles must have the tag "WIP".

Once it's done, edit the thread and change the tag to "Ready".

Once we publish it, we will change the tag to "Published".

What are the advantages of the new system?

There are several advantages in the new system. One is, we're using the existing structure of the WoTLabs Forum, along with the member system. This means no more getting a separate account to go on a separate system made by a separate company.

Another, we offload the workload from the Application server, which is getting a bit overworked as of late, and dump it in the Forum's recently upgraded hardware, with lighter, faster and better integrated software.

And finally, it makes things that much easier for everyone. It's easy for you to write and submit articles and it's easy for us to publish them, meaning we can create and push out more quality content!

What about the existing articles on the old system?

We'll work on moving all of them into the new system. Since it's a lot of stuff, it will take a while. Don't worry about old content overriding the new content, we'll set publish dates in the past for old articles, so they don't clog the front page. 

Besides the article itself, can I add things like a link for a PayPal tip page?

Yup, you're free to add such links, within reason. Spam / referral links will not be accepted. PayPal donation links are completely fine.

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Oh those are the article sections, it's impossible to create a new article directly. You need to create your thread here in the Article Submission forum and write your article in it. Once it's done, we publish it and it automatically becomes an article.

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Hmm, maybe I can post my not so relevant, but satirical article about the T-62a Sport that I made when the world cup event was running

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On 11/27/2015, 9:16:06, Folterknecht said:


What 's the hold up with publishing my GWE100 review?

Folter worked really hard on that review, its a shame it hasn't been published. 

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