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Actual video memory required for playing World of Tanks

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I posted this on the NA forums a few days ago and forgot to post it here also.


I was curious about how much video memory was actually required to run World of Tanks.  So, I fired up MSI afterburner, enabled logging, and ran a pair of replays through multiple video settings.  What I found is that a GPU with 2 GB of video memory should be adequate for playing World of Tanks at 1920x1080 resolution.  The maximum memory used by the GPU was about 1.5 GB.
Some notes:

  • Maximum in the pre set settings isn't actually maximum.  You can still turn up one slider higher and also enable TSSAA-HQ under AA settings to get a "true maximum" setting.
  • My custom settings are the settings that work best for me on my computer as a mix of FPS and image quality.
  • The Cromwell replay was a tier 6 stronghold replay.
  • The Type 59 replay was a tier 8 battle.
  • Both replays were on different maps(Serene Coast and Windstorm).
  • I ran the replays multiple times and got the same results for the MB of GPU memory used.
  • The system used for this was a gaming laptop with an Intel i7 CPU and a GTX 680M GPU
  • I used the latest WHQL driver from Nvidia.
  • I didn't have an AMD GPU to test. I'd expect similar results based on tests of other games with Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

The results are below:


Replay Setting Resolution AA Max Memory MB Mods
Cromwell My Custom 1920x1080 OFF 1042 No
Type 59 My Custom 1920x1080 OFF 1350 No
Cromwell Maximum 1920x1080 OFF 1106 No
Type 59 Maximum 1920x1080 OFF 1432 No
Cromwell True Maximum 1920x1080 TSSAA-HQ 1205 No
Type 59 True Maximum 1920x1080 TSSAA-HQ 1534 No
Cromwell High 1920x1080 OFF 787 No
Type 59 High 1920x1080 OFF 923 No
Cromwell Medium 1920x1080 OFF 752 No
Type 59 Medium 1920x1080 OFF 879 No
Cromwell My Custom 1920x1080 OFF 1042 No

Apparently copying and pasting from Excel doesn't work as well as it use to.  Here is a screenshot from the spreadsheet.


What does this mean?  If you play mostly World of Tanks and don't play above 1920x1080 resolution, you probably don't need more than 2 GB of video memory since the game doesn't use much more than 1.5 GB of video memory with all of the detail settings turned up.  
Other more modern games do use more than 2GB of video memory at 1920x1080.  You have to consider that if you are getting a new GPU and play other games.

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While it is true that monitor screen resolution has very little impact on VRAM, ( IIRC that 1600x1200x32 is only about 8MB in a 2D display) the remaining VRAM is used to do 3D computations. Allowing the GPU to store more(extra) computations that the CPU doesn't have to come back and ask for time and time again. In the short of it, the more VRAM you have the more that the GPU uses, so if its a case of saving 10USD getting a 2GB instead of 3GB card, rest assure that the extra VRAM is being utilized elsewhere.

Thank you for taking the time to produce such thorough results. I have long suspected that it was GPU raw core speed that dictated WoT's FPS performance.

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What it does explain though is how a 4K rig with only 970s was playing WoT at 120fps average though. While looking at that rig i wouldnt of expected 970s to play it at that high a framerate at 4K.



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Higher resolutions have more to do with memory bandwidth than capacity. Is SLI working again in wot? I know crossfire does not. However memory bandwidth is why two fury x's are better at 4k than 2 titans.

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I'm doing further testing with version 9.12.  So far, I haven't had any replays where the video memory usage went above 1800 MB with every detail setting turned all the way up to the  "true maximum" setting.


So far, at the "true maximum" setting, only 1 replay has used more than 1570 MB.  That is one that used slightly less than 1800 MB.  All the rest were 1570 MB or less.  So it still seems that 2 GB of video RAM is adequate for WoT at 1920x1080.

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