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LFC, 2.6k/59% Recents

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Available 3+ nights per week.

X's- IS-7, 62-A, 140, WTE, T57, E-100, Batchat.

VIII's- Pershing, IS-3, 13-90.

I have CW experience with VPG back in the good days of CW's. No calling experience though. :/

About me: Currently a college student. I live in the central time zone but can usually make it to group activities at anytime. I can usually pull my own weight work well in a group. :)

Thanks friends. o7


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You outta take a look at [BUNNY] we are a really laid back clan in the top 50 with a very professional enviroment and a bunch of accomplishments (See Below). We're looking for new players to introduce to the family and we hope you swing by the TS server and see what we are all about! We're the coolest bunch of guys I know.

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