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4.11.2015 Micropatch - PVE fixes among others

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Have you noticed a 5kb micropatch today, no news on the website and you don't know what it brought if anything?



- fixed the bug where the players received diminished credit and reputation rewards if they left the PvE match early (even while destroyed)
- fixed the bug where the players received too little reward after dying in PvE
- fixed the decal placement for some tanks
- fixed the bug where cancelling sale didn't immediately update clients
- fixed the bug where artillery sometimes spawned on incorrect locations
- fixed several bugs (including a memory leak) that caused the game to crash
- fixed the consumables slot for Akatsiya 2S3




Source: POST


I wonder if the big penalty of dying finally did change.

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If there's one thing I hate it's the ridiculous exp penalty you get for dying in PVE.  So many times I've done 10k+ damage but because I died with two minutes or less to go, even on missions where there's virtually no enemies left at the time my exp gets cut in half or worse, such bullshit.  I did 12k damage one game, died after a teammate that did 2k damage, and still got less exp than him and he didn't do much spotting damage either.

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19 hours ago, DoggieKruger said:

Is the C1 Ariete's model still bugged? The whole turret is sunk into the hull

yeah seen it in PvP to, it happens every now and then. dosent matter to much because the arietes armour is garbage anyway, (getting a nice buff soon tm)

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The above mentioned micropatch is now, 10.11.2015 live on both EU & NA servers. The download was a bit over 200Mb on my side.

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