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Matross :: Found Clan

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Hello! my name is Matross, and I'm looking for a new clan.

Reason: The reason I'm leaving mine is, I'm looking for more of a "casual" clan, or a clan that doesn't have hard line mandatory strongholds/CW.

Goal/Plan: I want to learn and play with experienced players (that are better than me) and raise my stats. I do enjoy clan wars once in a while, and willing to participate if needed, but I'm more focused on improving my game play at the moment.

- 30 year old male, working professional (corporate) - So I go on business trips time to time, maybe every 1-2 months, so I may disappear for a few days, up to a week, but I will inform clan members/officers if required before I go.
- Originally from Northeast USA, moved to Houston, Texas for the job, been here for about 6 years (US CENTRAL TIME).
- 18k games+
- "Ground" exp & credits to get as many Tier X's as possible (mostly German and Russian line) - Reason for overall stats not as high.
- My recent stats are "ok" stats: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Matross

TANKS (I'll list the most CW viable tanks):

1. E100, T110E5
2. IS7 (IS4 as well)
3. OBJ 140, T62A (I benched my T62A as I prefer the 140)


1. IS-3 (110 as well)
2. T-32
3. T-54 LWT, RU 251, & AMX 1390
4. Pershing. OBj 416
5. RHM Borisg, JP II


1. Cromwell (I have the VK 30.01D as well)
2. Type 64, T37
3. T-150
5. Hellcat
6. Fury

- Most of my Tier X's are either 3 or 4 crew skills, VIII is mostly 3 crew skills, and IV is either 3 crew skills, or commander has 3 crew skills, and remaining have 2.
- I have no experience playing Tier X CW/strongholds, limited VIII in CW/strongholds, fair amount of IV in CW/strongholds.
- I prefer to play IV strongholds, can progress to tier VIII.

Some Pros/Cons of recruiting me:

- Play nearly everyday (5-6 days a week), couple/few hours a day
- No problem following orders in strongholds/CW
- Can call (I would like to believe I have good minimap awareness)
- I have the major require CW tanks, and grinding the Batchat & Leopard 1
- Active, respectful, mature, "always working to improve" player
- I have TS3, working mic, and on TS3 when I play

- Not as high stats (24 hours hovers from 2200 WN8 down to 1300) - I have more room for improvement
- Not sure if it's a "con" per se, but I do put work/real life issues before games
- I "burn out" (get tired) of grinding strongholds easily... not looking for a clan that requires stronghold involvement every night

Final Statements:
- I'm looking for more of a casual or relaxed clan (I like platooning). I can and will participate in CW if needed.
- I am NOT looking for a clan that has hard line daily strongholds requirements. I can and will participate if needed, but do not want do them over and over again every night.
- I like doing the weekly skirmishes, and did them previously (I actually called them, and we didn't do that bad), but, I can't make every night these days due to work.
- Since I started looking and tracking at my stats, I'm always trying to improve them, and want to play with like minded players.
- I'm looking for a clan I can join to improve my game play by learning from others, also help others as well.
- I would be grateful if recruiting/recruiting offers can look past my "overall" stats, and willing to take consideration of my more recent stats, as the old Matross is not the new Matross.
- These days, I prefer to play more mobile tanks that can "flex", rather than heavies. Still learning how to play (survive and not die too early) in light tanks, while spotting & putting out the damage.
- I play the game for the epic wins and the lol moments (in both CW/Strongholds & Pub matches).

I wanted to add,

  1. I am still in my current clan now. I will be leaving. I have already talked it out with my current Clan Leader, and he allowed me to stay in the clan until I leave.
  2. The Clan Leader knows I am leaving my clan, and I am leaving on good terms.
  3. I am also willing to give any references upon request.
Edited by Matross
Clan found.
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I'm not an official recruiter but I'll put a plug in for M--M.

We do run stronks 4-5 nights a week around 8pm CST but there is no attendance requirement. We usually run either tier 6 fastbois or tier 8. AFAIK CW is not in the cards in the near future but we have made successful incursions on both the tier 6 and tier 8 map.

Platooning is also a common occurrence as our TeamSpeak server (and website) is shared by three clans: M--M, M-I-T, and BAKED. If it's a platoon you want, you can get one.

If you look on the pinned thread in this section (Entitled "Looking for a clan? Look here first" or something like that) you will see that M--M/M-I-T is listed as a training clan. We have Monday night training rooms to cover both basic and advanced topics, and recently Valachio has been running map training on a weekly basis. M--M is a great place to learn and perfect your tanking skills; it is a low-stress environment and the atmosphere is great.

If this sounds interesting, I would suggest leaving an app at http://m--m.enjin.com/ or dropping by our TeamSpeak server at m--m.enjinvoice.com  

See you on the battlefield! (and hopefully in M--M)


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Yeah, what Favre said.  We encourage participation, but it's not required.  Your past team experience sounds like it would be an asset to M--M.  We've got plenty of good guys to platoon with and the Minions get some of the best people in the game (literally, Top 10 NA) as guest trainers.  So if you're willing to chip in to team play when it suits you then I think we'd be a near-perfect fit.  I'm running Stronks tonight, so feel free to drop by and chat if you are interested.



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1 hour ago, TheMarine0341 said:

Marines Minions, or supposedly "Millards Minions" are a great place to start

Dont forget Marines in Training for those that aren't good enough for the main training clan.:disco:

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2 minutes ago, ADeadMan1 said:

Dont forget Marines in Training(slightly better than the Coast Guard) for those that aren't good enough for the main training clan.:disco:



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1 hour ago, ADeadMan1 said:

Dont forget Marines in Training for those that aren't good enough for the main training clan.:disco:

I wouldn't go so far as saying that they aren't good enough. M-I-T has more of a focus on teaching the basics, so it is natural to find newer players there. Several M-I-T members are mentors or just liked the atmosphere so much that they never moved to M--M even when they met the requirements. You will find quality players in both clans, but I would encourage you to take a hard look at M--M since we have more of a focus on team play.

The part about us being Marine's Minions (and Marines In Training) is true. A former Minion himself, whenever he is looking for new members to poach fill REL_3's ranks he usually looks to M--M first.

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I am ViolentViolet, a recruiter for The Syndicate Alliance. I am in CLAWS, but I do not think we'd be the best fit for you. Perhaps you may wish to consider applying to join the team of one of our allies? Each clan is its own entity, there own rules, ideas, goals,  there are no sub clans in the Syndicate, so each clan would evaluate potential applicants in their own way. All of the Syndicate clans CLAWS, FUSON, THM-D, ANDES, F-3, and SLOPE work with each other on the 2.0 global map.  So we are all Clan Wars Clans, and all six of our clans share the same Teamspeak so not too many dull moments. Syndicate clans are looking for highly active players with the skills needed to be successful in a competitive environment.  I will link some info about some of them below if you are interested.


I would recommend F-3 for a choice for you.

F-3- Fortune Favors The Bold



So Please Consider applying to one of the Syndicate Clans Like:


We'd love to hear from you about joining a clan wars team that makes an impact.




~Violentviolet of Claws a recruiter from the Syndicate AllianceCLAWS-FUSON-THM-D-SLOPE-F3-ANDES

Please stop by the SYNDICATE TS 


if you are interested in applying to one of the SYNDICATE CLANS.

Just ask to speak with an officer of the clan you are interested in, or ViolentViolet.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or would like to get any of my allies a little better feel free to stop by our TS and just ask to speak to an officer or a recruiter for the clan/ clans you might be interested in- or ask to speak with me and I'll try and see if I can help recommend a good fit depending on what you are looking for in a clan.


Ts info:vs24.tserverhq.com:7177

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm still improving my stats daily, and will take into consideration of the clans posted above. I hope to make a decision within the next week or two.

I just realized... Solo pub play in Tier 1 & Tier 2 tanks is probably the worst to get your stats up (wn8), since you can get 1 or 2 shotted and die before putting out any damage. It also, nukes your average tiers played.

Lower tiers are filled with goldspammers/bots and people running all over the place (no logic or reason) & yolo'ing. Nearly impossible to read the pace of the battle or figure which flank to go.

The only reason I'm playing these games is I want to kill that NC-31 for the Chinese badge, and some tier II's, to complete the badge for killing all tanks in a specific nation. I should probably do this after I get into a clan =T

Before I did just a few Tier 1 or 2 games, I was right around 17XX wn8. Now, it's like 15XX, this statwhoring thing is indeed frustrating.

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Found a new clan. I choose [M--M]. Look forward to meeting everyone on the battlefield!

I thank everyone for their consideration!

- Matross

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