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m4 improved

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My take on the M4 Improved (Posted on World of Tanks Forums)

(Please note; This breakdown excludes the M4A3E4 as I do not own one, but would like to own one)


To begin, you may ask what are my credentials. Why does my opinion matter in this breakdown? Well, here are my statistics for the tank:



With that, I was able to 3 Mark this tank:



Now, you might be saying, cool you can play one tank. Execpt, I own most of the Tier 5 American Mediums, as well have played most of the Tier 5 Mediums that will help me compare and contrast them. Within the M4 Improved Garage picture, you are also able to see I have 3 Marked a large portion of the American Mediums I own, more importantly the other Tier 5 ones. Well, now for the breakdown:



This is the funny part. There is basically no armor on this tank. Just like the other Tier 5 tanks, you have armor that is relevant to blocking lower tier tanks. The only bounces you will get from this tank are ricochets. Generally you will have ~90mm eff frontally, which is relatively similar to the M4, better than the M7, but worse than the Ram. To the side of the tank, it is a mix between tanks really. You have 44mm on the upper side, and 63mm with 20mm tracks on the lower. This is compared to the M4's 38mm entire side, the M7's 32mm upper and 25mm lower, and the Ram's 63mm upper(Small square of 51mm) and 38mm lower. As you can see the armor compared to the other Tier 5 American Mediums is different. However, the main deal with the side armor, is it is angled. Flat to the side, it is angled roughly 24 degrees. This only gives 48mm effective, compared to the actual armor of 44mm. But, none the less it is angled. 


This is one of the "benefits" of the M4 Improved. Obtaining the second highest movement speed. It can achieve 56 km/h, while the M7 has the highest at 60 km/h, the M4 at 48 km/h, and the Ram at 38 km/h. It also has the second highest Power to Weight, of 16.99 hp/t. Again behind the M7, at 19.11 hp/t, but ahead of the Ram at 16.4 hp/t, and the M4 at 15.42 hp/t. This second best mobility generally applies to the entire tank. It has the second best Tank Traverse, of 39 Degrees/second, compared to the M7's 48, M4's and Rams 37. While the turret traverse is similar to the Ram and M4. One of the more interesting aspects of the mobility of this tank is the Reserve speed. It can reach 25 km/h in reverse, which is the highest of the Tier 5 American Mediums. While the M7 reaches 20, the M4 reaches 18, and the Ram reaches 14. 


This is probably the poorest part of the M4 Improved. It has the 2nd Worst DPM of Tier 5 American Mediums, only 1720. The Ram has the highest at 2049, followed by the M7 at 2040 (Using the 6 Pdr), then the worst, the M4 at 1499(Using the 76 M1A1). Basing of the Standard Ammunition the M4 Improved has the worst. 92mm of Penetration with the standard armor piercing round. While the M4 has the highest at 128, followed by the Ram and M7 having 105mm. However, the APCR rounds of each tanks really show that this tank is awful, given it can see tier 7, like the rest of these tanks. The M4 has the highest APCR pen of 177mm, compared to both the Ram and M7 having 170mm. While the M4 Improved, having the same Match Making, has only 127. Yes, only 127. This tank is clearly designed for Pref MM, but WG decided to just give it normal MM. I will discuss this in a later part. The Shell velocity is also extremely low compared to the standard AP of the other Tier 5 American Medium tanks. Only achieving 619, while the Ram and M7 reaches 821, the M4 has 792. Now the accuracy of this tank is on par with the rest of the Tier 5 American Mediums. Having ,42, compared to the rest having .41. However, the big difference in this tank is the dispersion. Having .18 when moving, .18 traversing the tank, and .08 when the turret is traversing. This is compared to the M4's .24 Moving/Traversing and .18 Turret, the M7's .22 Moving/Traversing and .08 Turret, and the Ram's .25 Moving/Traversing and ,08 Turret. Having barely worse Accuracy, but the dispersion is better. Now the gun depression is average compared to American Tank standards. But still second best in Tier 5 American Mediums. Achieving 10, compared to the M4's 12, the M7's 8, and Ram's 7. Basically still able to use the lovely American gun depression.


The M4 Improved has standard View range compared to the other Tier 5 American Mediums, with the exception of the Ram. Having 370, identical to the M4, and the M7 only having 10 more, at 380. This allows for reasonable spotting of the enemy. However, with me set up(Please look at image of M4) I can achieve fairly high View range. The weight of the vehicle should also be looked at. It is roughly 8 tons heavier than the second heaviest Tier 5 American Medium. Now, you can't go and ram a KV-1, or O-I Exp. But in a ramming fight with other Mediums at Tier 5 you do have some weight behind you. Don't forget you have the second best power to weight as well. HP, this tank does not have much of it. Being bottom tier you will probably be 2 shot, if not 1 shot by some tanks. Having the 2nd best HP, compared to the Ram in first, with a whopping 610, ahead of the M4 with 460, and the M7 with 440.



For this tank to be any good in Tier 6 or 7 Matches, you basically have to play accordingly to the extremely low pen. Flanking, getting side shots, or shots of opportunity. 92 Pen basically struggles so much in Tier 7 Matches I found myself dumping quite a lot of Gold Ammunition in order to have any impact in the game. Even in Tier 5, same tier heavies have enough armor frontally where you will still struggle to pen weak spots. 50/50 with the KV-1's lower plate, and flat front. Side shots are you friend with this tank, use your mobility to get them.



By no means do I balance tanks for a living, but this truly shows the incompetence of your team. This tank really needs a buff. Just compared to the other Mediums it basically lacks in everything. The HP is unfamiliar to Premium Tier 5 Mediums. While most Premium Tier 5 Mediums have 610 HP, this tank only has 480. The M4 Improved needs to be buffed similarly to the 610 HP of other Premium Tanks. This is not to mention the Penetration of the Ammunition. The Standard clearly needs to be buffed to at least 105, while the APCR is buffed to around 160-165. This would allow the tank to actually do something, instead of plinging of same Tier Heavies more than 50% of the time. 


tl;dr The M4 Improved is sub-par compared to the M4, Ram, and M7, Needs Major buff to HP and Pen.

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I found this tank to be incredibly ironic, in that it totally fit the original requirements for a premium tank.

-pref MM not considered (it wasn't a thing prior to the Hype 59)

-better than the stock M4 and M7

-worse than the fully upgraded M4 and M7


The Ram II only became competitive after you can buy 170mm pen APCR with credits, before that it also fit the above requirements. Surely I'm not the only one who think premium tanks in general are mess up right now because of all the changes over the years?

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I don't think Wargaming is trying to get the old "pref MM" premiums from the game, they are just trying to reduce the numbers to make the load on the matchmaker a bit easier. 

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I only purchased the tank because I'm building up my collection of 'special' vehicles. The M4 improved can be fun when it's top tier but once you get into tier 7 matches the thought of you wasting your money gets ingrained into your head. 

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I got one of these for the March Mapness Tourney...

I don't normally complain about free stuff but it's basically extra barracks right now. Won't sell it in case it gets buffed, but I certainly won't play it either.

Of all the tanks to win, WG had to give away the most useless one...

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It's nice they've started including camo values in the garage so WG's subtle stupidity is easier to discern, like giving this thing over 2% less camo on the move than the regular M4... which is already not very good. After playing some games I'd say this tank is just basically a crappy M7. Gun's even worse, less view range and camo, slower, larger. In exchange all it gets is armor which is only even halfway relevant when top tier, plus a little more gun depression. Amazingly it manages to lose credits just as badly as the M7 despite being a premium thanks to pen and shell velocity so bad that half your shots do nothing.

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It's quite ok when top tier. Even though the pen is horrid, it gets the job done against any other tier 5 (except maybe a kv-220), and the DPM, mobility and armour is better than a standard M4 running the 75.

Its when the tank is bottom tier that you're in trouble, as the gun won't pen tier 7 heavies and some meds, even with gold.

In this case I try to use tank to try and get spots and as an anti-scout, as the base 370m view range can be pimped out to around 430m with equipment and crew skills.

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I'm not sure whether to laugh or feel pity whenever I see some poor schmuk in an M4 "Improved" roll out in pubs. 

Rare to see them in pubs, and hardly see them survive when they do. 

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After about 10 games I have to say this thing is genuinely pretty darn bad. I thought I could make it work, but the gun is completely impotent: no pen, horrible velocity, bad accuracy. Just miss bounce miss bounce miss bounce miss at 2800 credits a pop. I also underappreciated how huge it really is. Comparing it to the regular M4 in the garage the lower camo value seems justified, it's GIGANTIC. Makes it really dangerous to do much of anything flank-like, it's really easy to hit. Also, fun IMPROVED fact of the day: you can't even pen sides at range for shit with gold, because the shell arc is so bad you're basically adding 30 degrees of slope to flat sides from the trajectory.

So far it's among the worst performing 5s I've played. With worse soft stats it would have made a very solidly balanced sheltered tank, as a standard MM vehicle it's basically junk.


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