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Caller in Training offering his services to Green Clans.

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Hello, fellow NA clan friends, 

Hopefully CW 2.0 has not killed everyone yet. After enduring the harsh training that is listening to Gabe's voice, I feel that I am ready to get some actual calling experience. Calling for clans below the top 20 will help me get down the basics and hone my foundation as a trainee. Hence, I am offering my services (free): I will devise a strats and also FC for your stronghold/CW battles.

Why should you trust a newbie like me to win your battles? First, I believe that some of my knowledge of individual play transfers over to the calling scene; namely my knowledge of crossfires which results in my ability to farm those damages. Second, Gabe-san has taught me well, endlessly spamming youtube links of euroclams duking it out so that I can learn well. Third, Gabe-san will help me during the battles (provided that he is free) as he has retired from chief Bulba caller (too old by Bulba standards).

It will work like this: I will show up before the battle starts with a strat on maptactic. I will show the positions/rotations to the clans and explain the strat fully so you know how to use it. Then, you will provide me (and Gabe) a sock so we can play in your battle. Gabe will then sing a communist victory song to celebrate the victory. This will be a mutually beneficial exchange: I will become more adept at calling while your clan will enjoy having an advantage over rival clans in battle. If interested shoot me a PM and we'll schedule something. 

Happy grinding! ^^

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10 hours ago, Patient0 said:

Gabe will then sing a communist victory song to celebrate the victory.

I would listen to this

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