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First poast.


Er i mean any one here play Infinity? Or want to?


As for people who don't know about it, its a low model count(around 10-16 models) 28mm skirmish game. One of the more interesting things about it is that is that during one players active turn the other players guys are able to react.


Heres a battle report for a better idea, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jJ5foMnlLc

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For some reason as soon as I read the title I started singing a song I haven't heard in like 5 years.



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Ya; have some gingers (Ariadna highlanders sectorial) and Aleph.

On the pro-side the game eschews the normal I-GO / YOU-GO monotony of most systems. On the other hand we are still at the point of having our noses stuffed in the rulebook because of all the skill interactions.

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I've got 199pts of unpainted caledonians and some Japanese.(my o-yoroi is somewhat base coated. >.>)

Will eventualy post pics when its done, hopfuly before the end of the month

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I think Infinity is a GREAT game but it's pretty tough to do multiplayer games, which skews gameplay towards 1v1 tournament competitions, and miniatures games mostly suck as tournament games. 

I have a metric ton of models, including a big chunk of the Combined Army and quite a bit of Corrigedor, but like most folks who collect miniatures only a fraction of them are painted, a situation exacerbated by the fact that I haven't actually lifted a brush in over a year. 

On the other hand I did finish my collection of Infinity terrain (which you need a lot of even on a 120x120 board), and though I have a lot of detail work to do it's pretty playable atm. I should set it all up and take some pictures for the blog. 

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O-Yoroi is finished, not as good as i wanted it to be though. >.>

Might return to it later when i finaly figure out how to do white on smooth armour plates.



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