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Sleeping with Valachio

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17 minutes ago, mereelskirata said:

Don't worry, it's not your fault that you're old.

wow, at the majestic prime of 27, I am also offended.

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28 minutes ago, X3N4 said:

I'm 26 and I feel VERY offended.

I'm double that old and have not even half of your WN8. I feel so... so... so... subhuman * cry

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21 hours ago, Assad said:

Carbon has nothing on RI-KO-SHAY

Carbons old mic


I'm sad that very few people got to experience TB's at 2am with Carbon's old mic and in game comms. They were fantastic, especially when Carbon would start yell at Sela or someone for bringing stupid tanks like a JT88 or a GW TigerP

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8 hours ago, mereelskirata said:

 16-25 seems to be the 'sweet spot' for skilled gamers. Any younger and they are too immature to be taken seriously (mostly rightfully so). Any older and they're smart enough to know video games are not worth it.

News to me. Sitting at 32 here and video games seem to be a pretty fun way to spend my time. Better than drinking and smoking for sure. 

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I'm 32, too. The numerous - mostly russian - complaints about hacking on my Steam profile also indicate that I haven't gotten much worse in twitch shooters.

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