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Steel Ocean

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So how does the Chinese knock off of WoWs play... not to bad. I mean, all things considered. The UI is a mess, its runs like crap and the graphics are "old school".

But it does bring quite a few interesting things to the table.


-manual AA and secondaries

-limited ammo

-depth charges

-aiming is more like WoT arty

There is a strong P2W aspect (gold ammo etc...) and it does feel abit like a cash grab, but since its F2P, download it and judge for your self. Download is not that big (4G with 800mb patch). Played a few games had fun.

In an ideal world i would love the graphics and polish of WoWs with certain elements of Steel Ocean 

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Laughed at this when I saw it. They literally use the trailer for WoWs only they change the WoWs logo to the "Steel Ocean" logo.

It's shit. 

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2 hours ago, Masterpupil2 said:

Laughed at this when I saw it. They literally use the trailer for WoWs only they change the WoWs logo to the "Steel Ocean" logo.

It's shit. 

Well it's not literally the same game. Since it just released this weekend, it's suspect that you downloaded and played through to high tiers to qualify your, 'It's shit' review. Good initiative on making a snap judgement though.

The cash grab status of Steel Ocean is a much stronger sell, though the gameplay is not bad.

Gold options:

-The game constantly reminds you that you could be doing better by purchasing gold and using the gold to get commanders.

-Premium Ammo

-Two forms of premium time. One is purchased in battle blocks (number of battles) and offers 100% increase in xp/silver. The other method is the traditional time method where you buy 30 days and get a 50% increase in xp/silver. I don't know if these stack, but I assume they do.

-Gold investment. Pay something like 10k gold and it pays you out for objectives. One example is research fully a tier 1 ship, get a one time 10k or 12k bonus of free xp. I believe it gives free xp for researching a ship of each tier.

What does this all mean? That this is far more grindy than a Wargaming title. The grind is based on the eastern method of throw more money at something to advance faster, so as you can imagine, the grinds are hefty and the payouts are relatively low without premium or investing. To offset this, there are bonuses for certain events. Purchase your first BB, get a one time bonus of credits, or play your first match in an elited ship, get a one time bonus of credits.


The gameplay, however, I actually like more than WoWS. Each gun on the ship has it's own aiming circle that closes down for accuracy. The con to this is that it rewards the player for coming to a complete stop to fire even though you can still fire fairly well on the move.

The BB here really shines as it has good armor and health. The main guns act like arty in view and area of effect while the secondaries take care of ships that get close. As stated previously, you control all of your weapon systems. You manually aim and fire your primaries, secondaries, AA, and torpedoes. DD and SS are hard counters to the BB, CL counters DD and SS, etc.

For torpedo haters, Steel Ocean features no leading indicator for torps. You have to learn how to lead your targets and torpedoes in this game are much more so an area denial weapon than in WoWS.

Subs have limited time to be submerged, most ships have radar and sonar, and cruisers carry depth charges. A spotted sub is really a dead sub with a decent team/platoon.

Steel Ocean does allow mods, it's eastern based, so expect some pretty hefty 24/7 bots that aren't stamped out by moderators as botting is usually what eastern mmo's are designed with in mind. The only server is located in the US as well. The graphics aren't phenomenal, but they aren't 16 Bit either. They are decent.

There you go masterpupil, an actual review that isn't shit of a title that isn't shit.

I forget to add, the tutorials for Steel Ocean at least exist for each class of ship. You get rewarded in silver for playing the tutorials, and trust me, you'll need those rewards.

The battles often resolve much faster than WoWS. Expect 5-10 minute matches and expect, at least currently, the final ship count to be fairly close.

One game mode is essentially team deathmatch where you continually spawn in the same ship until a kill count or the timer is met. This is an interesting mode, but sucks if you are in a ship you just wanted to play for one match.

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Sounds like Navyfield. No matter how good NF was in terms of gameplay elements the rampant pay2win and grind = no. 

No thanks, russian boats > chinese boats.

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I played Steel Ocean shortly after it was released, after not having played warships in a month or so. I can't see myself playing warships any more unless they make significant changes, though I'm not sure I would have regardless.


Unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation going around. Just look at the number of players who think sitting still in Steel Ocean battleships improves your accuracy (it does not). Same with premium ammo; it exists, but gives very little benefit.

Likewise, it's hard to believe that the people saying it's a warships clone have actually played it. The developers cribbed heavily from the tanks user interface, but there are only so many ways to make this kind of game. It's no more a warships clone than armored warfare is a tanks clone, or warships is a navyfield clone. And really, even if it were a shoddy Chinese ripoff, warships is a substantially worse game than a shoddy Chinese ripoff.


Steel Ocean gameplay is much better than warships. There's a lot more to do (without making it a twitch fps or dota click speed contest). Ship classes are better differentiated. The endless fire shit is gone, without making cruisers worthless.

There are also more and better game modes, more varied maps, and the maps are better designed. On top of that it has more variable loadouts, more equipment choices, more customization and an actual mission system with meaningful rewards.

I don't think it's significantly more of a grind than warships, and matchmaking appears to be +/- 1 so there's not as much forcing you to go up the tiers anyway - tier 3 is a lot of fun. There are some pay to win mechanics but it's certainly nothing like navyfield and really I don't think it's as bad as pre-credit-APCR world of tanks.

The game has its problems - awkward UI, mobile game gacha commanders, and iffy class balance to name a few. Also the players make even World of Tanks pubs look fucking brilliant; submarines teamkill so much that it's a viable weapon in game. It's probably less realistic but who gives a shit, warships is already laughably unrealistic and realistic warship driving would be mind numbingly boring not to mention that battleships would be almost completely worthless.


Anyway Steel Ocean is already better than warships, and honestly I have a lot easier time believing that Steel Ocean developers will fix their game's problems than that warships developers will fix theirs (not saying much, really).

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