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Road to The M1128 "Stryker"

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Well...in the World of AW the Dank Tank Destroyers aren't all that popular, but me being the oddball that i am i decided to grind them anyways.

The grind starts off with a bang with the dragoon which to some can be called border-line OP, then leading to the LAV-300 which only has its gun to brag about. From there you migrate to the jewel of the line, the ERC which can be comparable in some respects to the infamous Fox and gets APS at tier 5, so swing-fires and Foxes ATGM's aren't so terrifying anymore.

Now.....here we come so a sudden drop-off with the abomination that is the B1 Centauro, This thing takes a sharp left from the ERC with a somewhat long reload of 6.96 seconds followed by a 3.9 second aim time and 0.15  accuracy. now while many have loathed the B1, i managed to get by with just sniping the better PVE missions such as Perseus and Wildfire. And once again we come come to another let-down at Tier 7 with the LAV-600, now while not as bad as the B1 i found this Wheeled Destroyer to be "mediocre" at best. while there weren't any serious negatives (aside from maybe the Depression) there weren't any redeeming factors that made me enjoy playing the thing either, that combined with the long grind from tier 7 to tier 8 made it a very "repetitive" grind to say the least.(Before i talk about the Stryker i want to add that i haven't played the Centauro 120 so i cannot make any comparisons or judgement's on it just yet)

Now i can say that once you have managed to get through these 7 "Trials" so to speak you are rewarded with what i call the "Crown Jewel" of the wheeled Destroyers, The M1128 MGS "Stryker". all i can say is wow.


Amazing Gun: 4.9 second Reload--0.09 Accuracy--and 2.9 second Aim time--DPM of 6,789.

APFSDS (Third highest pen at tier 8 with 588mm/515 avg dmg per shot) 

HEAT (480mm pen/644 avg dmg)

Trophy APS System 

Good speed and maneuverability 

x2 Universal slots

Decent Camo if using Sabrina as commander


Terrible Gun elevation of 5* (though decent gun depression of 8* )

Low HP of 1660 (retrofit can bring it up to 1846)

No armor (you get a Cage upgrade which helps with auto cannons and HEAT)

somewhat slow acceleration of 4.7 seconds

Smoke rounds fire at a really stupid angle (almost completely to the right of your tank).


Overall this thing is a monster Damage Dealer, i am currently averaging 3.9k-4k dmg in PVP (though its hard to find a t8 match currently) and 15-20k dmg in PVE.

My Set-Up Ammo: 45 AP, 5 HEAT, 0 HE.  Retro's: Thermal Sleeve Mk.2/ Internal Hull Reinforcement Mk.3. Commander: Sabrina Washington.

Your role is to purely snipe due to your lack of armor and HP, let your allies spot and you will be fine, though you will often find yourself fighting your gun more than the enemies due to the elevation being so terrible (kinda reminds be of a reverse 121 from WoT) so try to stay on either a flat plain or a place of high elevation so you are shooting down on most targets. IMO its more than worth the grind and i will most definitely be keeping the Stryker. 





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2 minutes ago, Intumesce said:

It's called the M1128 MGS Stryker, not Striker.
Nice review though.

ya know i type both versions all the time, i typically put stryker, but at the same time i always see people say striker (that plus the tilte unlock in-game says striker). so i get confused on which is correct.

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The Stryker is the true dps machine of the TD line, thank god I free exped from tier 3 up to tier 6, I know the ERC-90 beats the Centaruo B1 hands down but i enjoyed it, my problem with the B1 was you couldn't get enough Alpha out of the gun to pull constant 500 damage shots. Pretty much the 120 fixes that issue with 606 base damage and 440 penetration.

Anyway back to the stryker, you just let the gun rip on any poor sod the reload time paired with good aim speed, allows you to shoot accurately and rapidly, issue with the vehicle is always the gun depression, your constantly fighting the gun to get it low enough, and the best way to get gun depression at the cost of elevation was to take the reverse slope of the hill.       

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