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New YouTube Channel

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I have started a YouTube channel somewhat recently. Beware that my native language is not english, so there might be mistakes. My channel mainly features replays of games I had, with some commentary. I am still relatively new to this.

By the way, I am certainly not one of the best players but I am above average. If anyone cares here are my stats:


And now for some videos:

Wakatake, fun game with lots of achievements: https://youtu.be/HMLZuqrS2xY

My newest vid, it´s the Amagi. MVP of the battle is clearly wargamings MM: https://youtu.be/SiXHNP3YBB8

There are plenty more on my channel.


(or not)

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Aetam, love your videos. My son (11) and I have an evening ritual where we watch several Ships or Tanks videos. Aerroon is fantastic, but we recently found your channel as well. But you need more subs. You really are that good, and that good with your commentary. Please keep them rolling. You've got two huge fans here.

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Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoy my videos! I try to upload one every day but sometimes I lack time/good replays.


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My last video this year, it's about the teamwork of a Gremyashchy and a Colorado:

Now my channel will be on a christmas/new year break since I won't be home. But do not worry, I will be back!

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I am starting a new video series with the ShipComrade guys. The idea is simply a montage of some cool moments with music, like an rng series. Now getting clips is a long process of watching replays and hoping something cool happens, which leads to not all of them being that mindblowing.

I plan on a video every two weeks because it takes me quite some time to make one of those and finding clips alone is hard. Feel free to provide some feedback if you want.


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I haven't posted something here in a while but I still make videos. So I thought I will leave one of my more popular videos here:

And also my latest montage, this time even with a little text in some clips:


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